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    October 12, 2016

    Beyond books: Amazon reportedly plans to open physical stores for groceries

    amazon physical stores

    Amazon is reportedly planning to build small brick-and-mortar stores that would sell basic groceries to supplement its physical book stores.

    “Honey, I’m off to Amazon”, you shout, getting your car keys, wallet, and phone together. “The Amazon? Amazon online?” your spouse replies. “No, I mean Amazon – the store.”

    At least, that could be the reality for consumers in the United States, as Amazon is reportedly planning to introduce new brick-and-mortar stores that would sell basic groceries in addition to its line of physical book stores.

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    According to reports, the stores would only be open (at least, initially) to Prime members that subscribe to the giant’s Fresh grocery delivery service. The firm, which recently slashed the membership fee of the service, hopes to expand its AmazonFresh grocery service – and part of that plan might include the opening of physical retail stores.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the company’s physical stores would serve as “click and collect” venues wherein touchscreens would be deployed so that consumers can place orders for items that they might not necessarily need right away. For instance, one might be able to order milk a week in advance to stay in-stock once an open carton is depleted.

    amazon physical stores

    Get in, loser – we’re going shopping.

    The plan to open brick-and-mortar convenience stores comes in addition to the company’s physical bookstores, which it opened after dominating online sales with its Kindle bookstore and range of devices. In the company’s physical bookstores, physical reviews are placed alongside some of the books on offer.

    We can’t wait to see reviews of everyday objects in the company’s physical grocery stores – if they do indeed open.

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    What are your thoughts? Is there any sense in opening a physical store to supplement AmazonFresh offerings? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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