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    October 19, 2016

    Amazon patents miniature drones that would rely on the cloud for processing

    Amazon patents miniature drones

    Amazon has patented a miniature drone which could perform a variety of utilities and rely on the cloud to handle processing tasks.

    Amazon has never been shy about the fact that it foresees drones as a huge part of our future, and its newest patent reveals a miniature drone that’s uniquely personal.

    A newly filed patent describes a small, miniature drone that would be able to sit on an individual’s shoulder or fit in a pocket – the device would rely on its small frame to be ultraportable, and hence would use Amazon’s cloud services to process tasks rather than sporting dedicated hardware inside.

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    The patent describes a number of use cases; one of which, for example, elaborates that a user could dispatch a drone to the front of a queue to check its overall length, while another describes a scenario in which a police officer could use the tiny drone to make a high-speed pursuit of a criminal suspect.

    The patent describes that the controls for the drone would be voice-driven, similar to the company’s Alexa smart assistant. The design of the unit would effectively do away with the need for a dedicated controller that would only serve to make the unit more cumbersome.

    amazon drone

    As this is only a patent, there’s no telling if Amazon does intend to release a miniature drone in future or whether the idea refers to a larger project that may be in the works. Nothing may yet come of the patent in any case, as it could have been filed just to secure intellectual property.

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    Source: GeekWire

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