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    December 6, 2016

    Amazon reveals Amazon Go, the retail store of the future

    amazon go

    Amazon Go – a new retail store located in Seattle – allows users to pick up the items they want and leave without needing to check out.

    Amazon was famed for its swipe at physical bookstores with the introduction of the Kindle store, and then decided to introduce a physical book shop of its own. Now, the e-commerce company that put online shopping on the map has launched a physical retail store of its own – Amazon Go.

    A vision of the future, Amazon Go lets users walk in with their wallet and out with the items they need; consumers can simply pick items they desire off store shelves and walk out. However, there’s a twist.

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    Using computer vision and a plethora of sensors, the Amazon Go store can simply track which items a user picks off store shelves and then adds the total amount to a user’s account once they leave the premises. Think of it as present retail shopping mixed with technologically-ethical shoplifting.

    All users need do is scan an app when entering the premises, at which point they’re free to pick up items when they need and exit the store when they choose; no cashiers nor queues are necessary.

    While being able to skip the checkout queue is an obvious benefit for consumers, Amazon also benefits from the arrangement; the e-commerce giant is effectively capable of tracking users around the store and analyzing not only their browsing habits, but further their purchase choices to offer up improved online recommendations.

    Amazon Go is presently open to Amazon employees, and will open to the public in early 2017. Consumers will be able to purchase nearly everything they’d find in their own convenience store, such as snacks, drinks, premade food, and essentials such as bread and milk.

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