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    August 16, 2013

    Local Project Isizwe brings free Wi-Fi to Africa

    It seems that free Wi-Fi for Africa is a popular business idea right now, as we have seen many companies announcing their plans to bring the internet to Africa over the past year.

    And now, a local project has launched, which also aims at bringing free Wi-Fi to Africa.

    Project Isizwe, is a non-profit organisation with the same goals as many other companies – bringing free, accessible internet to under privileged African countries.

    The man behind Project Isizwe, is none other than Alan Knott-Craig Jnr., the former head of instant messaging service, MXit and World of Avatar. Knott-Craig was also the MD of internet company, iBurst (which has recently been put up for sale).

    Knott-Craig, a leader in technological development, was also involved in the planned free Wi-Fi in Stellenbosch.

    The plan with the student town and popular tourist attraction, was to make it a free Wi-Fi zone by using MXit. However, Knott-Craig left the company quite suddenly in October 2012 (watch the video interview about his departure.)

    The news of yet another project to bring free internet to Africa was officially announced at a recent press briefing in Centurion, which was held by the City of Tshwane, to discuss the cities new free Wi-Fi project.

    While speaking at the briefing, Knott-Craig opened up to the attendees that a few months ago he had found himself in the position of so many South Africans – young and unemployed.

    He continued, saying that this inspired him to make a difference and so from the Stellenbosch free Wi-Fi project came Project Isizwe in April 2013.

    While Knott-Craig originally planned to run Project Isizwe on the side lines, it has grown and now demands most of his time.

    As to where Project Isizwe will be available? Knott-Craig said that Tshwane will be the first city to offer the free Wi-Fi. He continued saying how impressed he is by the eagerness and vision the metropolitan municipality has shown towards this project.

    But Project Isizwe doesn‘t plan to stay local. Knott-Craig revealed that they were also in talks with governments in other African countries including Namibia and Zambia.

    With so many plans to make internet free and accessible to African countries, it is sure to have a huge impact on the economy, and the future of many young Africans.

    Source: BusinessTech

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Awesome! i knew Allan would go this route 🙂 All of the best man!