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    December 19, 2011

    Airborne Music: Connecting artists and fans for just $1 a month (Update)

    A revolution has taken place in the world of music and it has been born out of Cape Town. According to Airborne Music, that will be launching soon with a line-up of 72 local and international artists, there are two truly important people in the music industry: the artist and the fan and what they set out to accomplish, was to find a way to directly connect them in an easy, inexpensive and efficient way.

    During a time when music revenue has plummeted more than 60% in the past decade and the viral spread of file sharing is blocked by restrictive licensing resulting in the loss of millions of potential fans, Airborne provides the antidote and a new solution to the business of the music industry by providing fans with the music they love, and the artists with the payment they deserve. For just $1 a month, any fan, they call a carrier, anywhere in the world has unlimited access to the msuic they want with 70% of that going directly to the artist. Just minutes after an artist’s content is released, the fan can consumer and share that content.

    The fan, or rather the carrier, can share music content, stored in the cloud, with anyone in the world on any device or social network. The idea is that with every link shared for an artist’s content, the more quickly its spreads creating a viral tidal wave of support for that artist and the spreading of similar music content between friends. Here, there are no restrictions or borders when it comes to sharing content and generating support for an artist.

    Airborne Music works directly with the artists and their representatives, so there is no middle man and Airborne shares the love, legally. For the artists, Airborne offers more than just a regular, subscription-style revenue stream. Airborne enables real-time tracking of a fan’s behaviour – who is downloading the tracks, who is sharing them, who is encouraging and recruiting new fans and who deserves a reward for their loyalty.

    “Music is the virus and the virus is Airborne.”

    Learn more about Airborne and create an account here. 

    Update: Airborne Music officially launched its network this morning, the 20th December 2011.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!