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    November 26, 2014

    Afrihost to launch Afrihost+

    Internet service provider, Afrihost, recently sent out an email to its client asking if a new service called Afrihost+ will be a wise move.  The new service will give consumers more data benefits as well as access to Simfy Africa Music.  This will be an add-on to your existing service with Afrihost.

    This new service is set to launch today (26 November 2014) at 11:00 and users will have the chance to sign up for a 30-day trial to test out Afrihost+.

    The pricing is currently set at R 145 per month, but if you were to sign up today, you will be locked-in at the price of R99 for as long as the product is running and you are a member.

    Here is what they are offering you:

    • Double Data of either ADSL or Mobile Data.
    • Full access to Simfy Africa Music service. (27 Million songs)
    • 500MB of extra mobile data. You can use this with your existing mobile data or a new SIM will be sent to you.
    • Capped accounts will no longer be cut off if your cap runs out; instead you will just experience lower network speeds and basic internet usage such as banking, browsing and email.
    • 2-for-1 ADSL and Mobile Data topups every hour of every day of every month.
    • You will receive twice as many Uncapped Turbocharge minutes every month.

    22 103 clients completed the survey of which 82% said “˜Yes‘ to the product, according to the email.

    In another survey, Afrihost‘s CEO ““ Gian Visser, asked his clients what a good pricing will be for this product.  A total of 32 334 people took part and 22 706 suggested a price of R145, 32.6% suggest the higher price of R299.

    If you are interested in this deal, keep an eye on their website at www.afrihost.com.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Shaun M

      So I’m meant to drop my 2 + 2 GB of data for 500MB of data???
      I don’t care for streaming. I still prefer to pay and download my music.

      • Frikkie Van Biljon

        Hi Shaun. As far as I understand, will you still receive your double data deal. Afrihost mentioned that they might be ending the double data deals in December of 2014. So this will ensure that you keep on receiving the double data. As far as the 500MB goes – this will be added to your existing data package or you will be able to receive this on a new SIM.