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    November 5, 2013

    ABSA partners with Telkom on Mobile, ADSL

    Two of South Africa‘s oldest and largest institutions, Telkom and ABSA, have joined forces on Telkom‘s ADSL and prepaid Telkompackages.

    According to Telkom, ABSA customers will now receive cash rewards when they purchase airtime for the newly launched Telkom Mobile or when subscribing to Telkom ADSL contracts.

    In a statement released on Monday, the South African communications giant said that they believe ABSA customers are a source of “œquality customers“ and that their loyalty will give Telkom a “œlong tenure“.

    The cash rewards tie in with the ABSA Rewards Programme. This is a bank rewards initiative that, unlike other South African banks, offers it‘s customers real cash back for swiping their ABSA card.

    ABSA will now offer it‘s customers 7% cash rewards when purchasing Telkom Mobile airtime at ABSA ATM‘s, on ABSA Mobile Banking or online.

    ABSA customers who subscribe to Telkom‘s ADSL packages, will also receive a monthly 7% cash reward. The Telkom ADSL packages include the R399 Telkom Simple package, as well as the R514 Telkom Simple Uncapped package.

    Arrie Rautenbach, head of ABSA Retail Bank, said in a statement:

    “œThis exclusive offer provides added incentive to approximately 1.35 million of our Absa Rewards members through a guaranteed monthly saving in cash rewards when subscribing to selected ADSL Telkom contracts, and even greater savings when purchasing Telkom mobile prepaid airtime through any one of Absa‘s digital banking channels.“

    Telkom also believes that partnering with ABSA will help them grow their “œchannel footprint and market reach“.

    This is a smart move by two of South Africa‘s biggest institutions. Let‘s see of the competition will come up with a counter offer.

    Source: MyBroadband

    Listen in to our latest podcast!