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    April 23, 2013

    22seven launches iPhone app

    local finance startup 22seven, that was acquired by Old Mutual in January 2013, has introduced an iPhone app.

    According to 22seven, the value of the app lies in not just where you can use it but how. “At the supermarket, find out if your money’s tight or safe to spend. At a restaurant, see if you’ve spent more or less than you planned to on eating out. Use it to make better money decisions, more often.”

    As a work in progress 22seven says that there is a lot more to come:

    “We have huge ambitions for mobile and we’ll always be evolving and improving it. But this is our first edition, and there are some things it can’t do just yet.”

    For now, users will need to use their laptop or PC to:

    • sign up with 22seven or link accounts
    • update Investec and Capitec accounts using your one time password
    • make your own plan if you don’t want to use 22seven’s automatically generated one

    In order to generate as much feedback as possible for the app, 22seven is offering users one month free.

    For those without an iPhone, an Android version is currently in the works.


    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • the problem is , we all use Android. so i don’t see the importance of this app at this moment until it comes to Google Play.

      • If you have dealt with the development of such apps you would know that it is quite a challenge to launch an app on Android first, due to different Android versions, resolutions, devices etc… Im pretty sure it will launch on Android soon enough.