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    July 26, 2013

    2013 Net Prophet Conference Round-up

    The 2013 Net Prophet conference, that recognises the importance and need to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship took place in Cape Town in May. It saw industry leaders, online professionals and successful entrepreneurs both local and international, take the stage.

    Each added value to the event, presenting various relevant and insightful topics where they shed light on where the industry is at, especially in South Africa, shared their own experiences and journeys, highlighted various trends and gave advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to make their mark.

    The event was headlined by TechCrunch editor in chief, Mike Butcher, a leading journalist who serves on the Mayor of London‘s Smart London Board. Butcher, named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology, chose the topic The need to replicate Silicon Valley during which he addressed the audience on startup communities, building bridges and his own personal experiences taking on various startups in Europe and Silicon Valley.

    Stuart Forrest CEO of South African based company Triggerfish Animation, that is making its mark internationally, shared his personal experiences of how he got to the extraordinary place he finds himself, today as probably the most successful producer on the African continent, with the company’s computer animated feature films Zambezia and the upcoming Khumba.

    Sylvia Brune, creator and driver of 88mph, a top African start-up incubator, spoke on The Power of Profit where she presented an interesting perspective on the issue of solving the problems facing Africa today and how best to do so in a way that is effective, long lasting and sustainable.

    Other speakers included Justin Stanford from 4Di Capital, sportsman to businessman Bob Skinstad of Itec Innovate and Andre de Wet, General Manager of PriceCheck, that won the 2013 International BlackBerry App of the Year award.

    Behind the scenes, speakers provided additional insight into their topics, their backgrounds and their views on various trends and current developments in the industry –  find out more about what Mike Butcher, Stephen Lund, Justin Stanford, Stuart ForrestErik Jan Bijvank, Andre de Wet and Mike Szymanksi had to say.

    Industry professionals Jess Green of Perk Mobile and Christine Meintjies of The Pretty Blog also shared some of their thoughts with the Bandwidth Blog team.

    We look forward to what next year’s Net Prophet Conference will bring.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!