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    June 1, 2012

    Vodacom Joins Sponsored List for IMC 2012

    With less than one week to go, final plans are in place for the Integrated Marketing Conference 2012 in Cape Town that‘s guaranteed to make a mark in the marketing and communication industry across the country.

    Along with a great line-up of sponsors that are already on board, Vodacom have joined the list and will be flying the IMC Conference flag for both the Cape Town and Johannesburg editions.

    With an impressive guest speaker line-up that includes some of the best names in the business, a host of workshops and an exciting programme, the third IMC Conference is expected to cover all aspects of marketing, media, online and much more. Delegates will have the opportunity to pre-select the workshops they want to attend, as well as ask the questions they want prior to the conference via #IMCQUESTION to ensure they get the most out of the conference with a tailor-made experience and a chance to network, share ideas and learn from some of the most creative minds in the industry.

    Selected Industry speakers chosen to represent various communication channels have prepared presentations for the IMC Conference that include:

    • Mike Sharman, Retroviral: “Blogging and theBeast”
    • Suhana Gordhan, Blackriver FC: “How tobe good parents to our brands”
    •  Christine da Silva, Neo@ogilvy: “SEMantics”
    • Ivan Johnson, 140 BBDO: “Turning backthe digital clock”
    • Jason Xenopoulos. NATIVE: “From BrandPositioning to Brand Purpose”

    Each guest speaker will share their industry experiences, highlighting successful trends and give practical tools to improve communication tactics. Eight keynotes will be presented at the Cape Town IMC Conference edition, with two dual presentations being hosted by top agency leaders.

    For more information visit the IMC Conference website here.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!