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    March 1, 2013

    Vodacom Announces Unlimited Contracts

    Today Vodacom announced that it will be launching new smart plans that include unlimited voice calls, unlimited SMSs, loads of data and a range of new value added services. This new offer will be available to contract customers on 07 March 2013.

    The proposition introduces tariffs plans that include RED, an offer which comprises three plans that have unlimited voice and/or unlimited text, loads of data and a range of services.

    • Data sharing: Customers receive two additional SIM cards that share the same data bundle. Customers can use these SIM cards with two additional devices such as a smartphone and a tablet or for use by another family member. 
    • Device buy-back: Vodacom will buy back the customer‘s old device and get a price reduction on their new contract.
    • Vodacom financing: Flexible device financing options to help customers buy the devices they want.
    • Free applications that will ensure that customer information and content are safe at all times.  These include:
      • Vodafone Protect: An application which provides customers with the ability to locate a misplaced or stolen phone. Customers can also lock the handset and protect their private information remotely.
      • Vodafone Guardian: An application that helps parents to protect their children from accessing inappropriate content.
    • Perfect Start: Internet, email, social networks and Vodacom applications are set up whilst the customer is in store to enhance the customer‘s smartphone experience.
    • Smart crew and Red crew: Provide expert support that will be available 24/7 to assist customers with their technical and smartphone requirements.
    • My Vodacom App: assists customers to manage their service usage.  This provides an easy way to monitor data usage and purchase additional bundles when needed. 
    • Plan check: To help ensure that customers are on the right plan, Vodacom will proactively recommend the most appropriate option to suit their needs.
    • Cloud storage application will be launched soon for customers to store personal files, photos and videos with 5 Gigs free storage.
    • Customers will receive double data in the first two months.

     Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.45.49 PM

    Commenting on the launch, Vodacom‘s Chief Executive Officer, Shameel Joosub said: “œWe‘ve listened to our customers and understand that being connected 24/7 is a must, and that simplicity and affordability are key. So we‘ve come up with a completely new approach to our contracts by introducing RED, which includes unlimited offers that we‘ve branded “˜limitless‘.“

    “œCustomers on the RED offer will enjoy a worry free mobile experience. They can make unlimited calls, send unlimited text messages and have loads of data to surf the Internet. This changes our game plan – we‘re now putting all our efforts in ensuring that our customers enjoy the ultimate mobile experience,“ Joosub added.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • On verizon in the USA u can get unlimited internet and unlimited call for $49.00 PM plus u only pay $199 for your I Phone the rest is subsidized. In South Africa on 8ta you pay R 1299 PM for unlimited calls and you can get the 2gig + 1gig for R 150 pm so vodacom your deal sucks

      • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

        As far as I know, that $199 is a contract, so it’s p/m.

        • deon

          As far as I have read its 199 for the phone and about 45 per month for the contract 199 means its lime R1800 pm that’s way to much for the USA

    • Kevin

      Pathetic. Bloody 2 grand for your phone bill! I pay £9 for unlimited minutes texts and data.

    • Brad

      These new Vodacom deals are all rubbish…bye bye Vodacom !

    • Jane Doe

      R999 for 700mb —- that is ridicules, screw the unlimited calls and texts, we are in the digital age, WAKE UP! Giving smart phones on contract with 150 and 200mb a month is beyond stupid. Networks in South Africa must all be living under a rock, people want data not texts you morons. If you get a data contact you’ll pay an average of R99 pm for 2gigs, if you get 2gigs on a cellphone contract its an average of R380 pm – data is data why the massive price difference??? If you, for example, get a Vodacom contract for R800 talk time and 800mb you get 800 texts – thanks for nothing – the average person does not send 800 texts a month. 8ta gives you 10gigs for R199 pm. If anyone gets a Vodacom contract you either have a lot of money to throw around or you are completely crazy. Vodacom’s useless and idiotic contracts is the reason my family and I all moved to another service provider. Everyone do yourselves a favor and look at what other service providers have to offer before just renewing your contract – you can save hundreds every month.

    • Johann Diener

      Who uses SMS anymore?

    • Dini325

      This deals suck … MTN is offering 1gig data for R69.

    • Im lost with all this reaction.
      Why would voda launch and spend all the money on these contracts if they so rubbish?

    • Bob

      Isn’t there anything we can do about these rip offs for voice+data contracts? I just feel that complaining in comments while service providers thinks up new money making schemes is not really solving the problem.

    • Is this Minaar chap a Vodacom employee? There is zero analysis in this report, he simply regurgitated what Vodacom said. Is this what we call journalism in SA? All these plans are rubbish and are far inferior to that offered by other carriers? What is it with South Africans who support providers that charge close to R3/min when CellC rates are R0.99/min?

    • Kolodziejm

      This is what we get in Europe, and all you can eat data is unlimited data. You are being ripped off in SA.
      Flex Max Plans – Ideal for smartphones. Mini
      Flex Max. Classic
      Flex Max. Super
      Flex Max. Mega
      Flex Max. Ultimate
      Flex Max. 18/24 month contract€25.41€40.66€60.99€81.32€96.57Flexi-units1003506501000Unlimited³All you can eat data1 Freebie Add-on²Unlimited Three to Three calls¹

    • limitless except for the 1500Mb data bit, i think i misunderstand thier meaning of limitless

    • Mullally24

      People are waking up to the rip off that is Vodacom and MTN. Bring on Cell C and Telkom Mobile. I will move to Cell C in 3 months. Never again Vodacom, your network sux and you rip off your clients…

    • The Loft

      Robbercom and not vodafone or voda.. what ever they wish to call themselves.

    • They never give you unlimited data because that is where they NAIL you.
      All data should be “prepaid” so that they cant smack you with a R30k bill at the end of the month and blame it on open apps or roaming.

      And yes Deon Kruger is right 8ta is cheaper