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    July 30, 2012

    MWEB slashes Uncapped ADSL pricing

    South African ISP, MWEB announced today that it will be slashing its 10Mbps Uncapped Shaped ADSL pricing by a staggering R1000 per month. This means that the high end user; gamer, the avid downloader and small businesses will be able to experience this product for a fraction of its original pricing. As an addition to MWEB‘s already robust uncapped ADSL range, including MWEB 1Mbps Uncapped ADSL for just R199 per month, the new 10Mpbs product positions MWEB as the go-to ISP for entry level, as well as top-end uncapped ADSL.

    Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB ISP explains, “œLocally, 10Mbps Uncapped ADSL is a premium product and by cutting the price of our offering by 50% we‘re making it possible for more South Africans to move up the broadband value chain to top speed, uncapped Internet. Although most of our competitors have some form of throttling on their 10Mbps products, MWEB does not throttle, which means we can deliver the best possible Internet experience to subscribers on our network. At R999 per month, 10Mbps Uncapped Unthrottled ADSL gives South African Internet users exceptional value for money.“

    MWEB‘s 10Mbps Uncapped product is ideal for, but not limited to, small office networks, downloading of large files and rich media, movies, online gaming, and VoIP calling. With the staggering price cut of the package, high-end internet users on MWEB‘s 4Mbps products can now upgrade to a 10Mbps connection for R400 extra per month.

    Furthermore, as part of MWEB‘s focus to look for ways to make faster broadband more affordable,  MWEB has announced that its 1Mbps customers are now able to upgrade their Uncapped ADSL data package to 2Mbps, thereby doubling their Internet speeds for just R170 more per month. This is in-light of Telkom migrating all 1Mbps ADSL lines to 2Mbps lines during August and September 2012.

    “œAt R369 per month, our 2Mbps Uncapped ADSL data package is excellent value. As with all MWEB Uncapped ADSL offerings, the 2Mbps product is unthrottled which means our customers can utilise their uncapped connection without being slowed down by policies like rolling windows, or time-based throttling.“

    By MWEB introducing its new 2Mbps package and cutting the 10Mbps price, the ISP‘s product set is even more robust amongst its competitors, and meets the needs of all South African users. MWEB 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 4Mbps and 10Mbps Uncapped data customers who bring their ADSL lines across to MWEB will also benefit from cheaper ADSL line rental.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Still a rip off, but better than Telkom

    • bob

      afrihost is still cheaper

    • anon

      yeah, everything else is still more expensive than my current ISP. And who cares anyway if it’s shaped…

    • kevin

      True story BOB….

    • I don’t trust Mweb. I had a bad run in
      with them and changed. That was only because it took me about 22 phone calls to
      sort out my bill and their attitude was Pi.. Off I’m too busy to attend to your problem….
      just go away, and never did they return any of my calls. They have got too big
      and don’t care about the small man

    • Callie Jordaan

      If you have ever been hurt by Telkom for cutting your line(by their mistake), making calls everyday in attempt that someone help you, for 4 months, no internet… then at last they activated your adsl(not interested to even call you), still struggling to get online… then finally when i called Mweb someone immediately gave me technical help over the phone & i managed to get online… then i would pay Mweb with a smile 🙂 At least they don’t announce “upgrades” but after that announce a price increase!

    • Jon

      These prices are still crazy, I pay the equivalent of R240 a month for 20Mbps uncapped, unshaped, unthrottled internet (meaning i can download what I want from anywhere I want with the same speeds all over the world)

      South Africa is still in the dark ages of the internet and saying that R1429 for 10Mbit uncapped unshaped is a super deal is just being obnoxious.

      For that price in other countries people have 100Mbps lines…

      And to top it Google is launching very soon in USA for $70 a month 1Gigabit internet lines that’s half the price of 10Mbit in SA. Wake up South Africa you are being taken advantage of.

    • Jay

      I’m an ex-Mweb customer. All I have to say, even if they give their ADSL for free, their service and customer service SUCKS! It’s been 6 months and I’m still waiting for one of their customer representatives to get back to me about my upgrade. But clearly they don’t care about their customers, so I moved away from them. Best decision ever. So THINK TWICE before signing up with them.

    • Marcus

      SA is being ripped off! The internet prices are a (bad) joke. In the UK a 50mps uncapped (no such thing as shaping in the UK) line costs a little under R300 a month. That is for the line AND the service. They are not separate things again a SA innovation to rip more money off people. Probably nothing you can do about it but sickening none the less.

    • Kyle

      Same old story in this country, people are too freakin lazy to get the job done and improve the service they offer, the money is going into the pockets of corrupt officials who are masters at price fixing. Even though all these deals and the clever terminology might sound fantastic, they always find a way to screw the consumer. Typical, service in this country is non existent and we the blind sheep just bleet to the step of the bullshitters. I am sick and tired of this, the world owes us mentallity. Give your customers what they want, now, get up off your fat arses improve the infrastructure and earn your pay check. The technology has been around for the last 50 years or more, please do not give me this bullshit about infrastructure and caps and giving the consumer more bandwidth, pathetic, you are tightening the ropes while appearing to loosen the restraints and most people just accept this paradigm. Sorry, I do not accept this bullshit anymore. It does not matter who you go with, all the network operators are the same, just the level and depth of the shit an individual has to deal with differs. In a country that has so much potential and so many hungry people, ready for innovation and the improvement in socio-economic status, you would think these mobile giants would foster growth by expanding and opening up these freedoms which do not even cost a quater of the price we are charged, to implement. But no, you keep gving us the same old jargon with different twists. How is a person supposed to do business under these conditions? Disgusting, you will pay one day for your crimes against the people of South Africa and your sneaky dirty dealings are not economics, theya re down right underhanded, dirty and add to the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Someone should shut all these sneaky little networks down. And then you come with your adverts, portraying yourselves to be this great humanitarian corporation that builds soccer fields for the underprivileged, you blast this information out for the whole world to see and in the mean time all it is is a ploy to hide what is really going on behind the closed doors of a corrupt hierarchical structure. Shame on all of you. I support no network in South Africa because I have tried them all and with each and every one, satisfaction and low cost in order to provide for the communities as a whole, was not at all the focus of these conglomerates. Corrupt, despicable, insulting to the character of our great nation. All your directors should be locked up for theft and for conning the average, innocent Joe with your jargon and back dealings. Two very evil faces of the same coin. SHOCKING!!!!!