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    November 25, 2016

    Black Friday: Here’s where you can scoop deals on tech in South Africa

    black friday tech deals south africa

    November 25th is Black Friday, and we’re rounding up all the stores from which you can get great deals on tech, gadgets, and more!

    Never heard of Black Friday? In the United States, Black Friday refers to the day following Thanksgiving which marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In South Africa, we’ve slowly seen the event trickle over to our shores and now many retailers have joined the fray.

    In the spirit of the event, we’ve decided to round up the major retailers from where you can expect to scoop great deals on gadgets and technology in general in addition to some useful tools which can help you shop a wide assortment of deals and promotions.

    We’ll continue adding to this list, and we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

    black friday best tech deals

    Tools to help you shop wisely


    While not a retailer, Pricecheck has readied its own set of tools to help consumers get the best deal possible. In a press statement, Kevin Tucker – founder of PriceCheck – cited that “œSavvy shoppers can really get a lot out of Black Friday in South Africa, particularly if they are prepared and they know how to recognise and identify the best deals…“œWe are expecting a 30-50% increase in online retail sales on the day, so it is important that shoppers understand how to navigate local e-commerce sites safely and seamlessly.“

    To that end, Tucker revealed that PriceCheck will host its own assortment of great deals curated from several online retailers, offering that “œWe are able to leverage our established partnerships with some of South Africa’s most trusted and popular e-tailers and brands in order to create a safe and central online shopping experience for local shoppers… Instead of having to browse around different e-commerce sites in search of great deals, we will be featuring up to 150 of the best Black Friday deals on the PriceCheck platform.” 

    To that end, PriceCheck will run themed Black Friday deals on the day itself as well as Cyber Monday on the 28th of November. All deals are available here, and the PriceCheck platform itself will persist to give consumers a great tool to check out the best deals on technology, gadgets, and other retail items.

    Infographic: PriceCheck reveals the most popular items bought online in South Africa from 2006 to 2016

    south african tech retail black friday

    Retailers launching Black Friday promotions


    iStore South Africa has announced its plans to host a Black Friday sale, yet has not – at the time of writing – proceeded to issue the particulars of what consumers can expect discounts on.

    We expect to see an assortment of elder products on the lineup; expect deals on the now discontinued 13″ MacBook Pro (2012), Apple TV (3rd generation), and other accessory products.

    Visit iStore here


    DigiCape, another Apple Premium Reseller, has launched an early flurry of deals based on elder Apple Products.

    Among them include the discontinued 13″ MacBook Pro at R14,999, the 13″ MacBook Air 8GB at R16,999, and the iPad Air 2 at R5,500. Those core products are supplemented by discounts on the likes of Beats by Dre Studio headphones (R5,399) a LaCie 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive (R1,599) or a Targus Black Range Designer Backpack (R399).

    DigiCape has announced that it plans to host a new deal on its website every day up until Black Friday.

    Visit DigiCape here

    Hifi Corp

    Hifi Corp has announced its plans to launch an exclusive sale with up to 80% off on select deals.

    While no concrete promotions have been launched yet, we expect to see offers on a range of audio/visual equipment on sale. We imagine that could easily be supplemented by promotions on peripheral accessories and elder gaming titles on a host of platforms.

    Visit Hifi Corp here

    Incredible Connection

    Incredible Connection has encouraged its users to sign up for its mailing list to stay abreast of breaking tech deals, yet – similarly to Hifi Corp – has yet to publish its assortment of promotions.

    We expect to see sales on gaming consoles (Incredible Connection is already offering promotions on consoles in association with WeChat) as well as a likely assortment of personal computers, laptops, as well as Apple product sales.

    Visit Incredible Connection here


    Makro has launched an online PDF listing all of its Black Friday deals (spanning from technology all the way to sporting goods) which can be accessed here.Expect deals on a wide range of television brands, photographic marques, and more. Of particular interest is the retailer’s wide assortment of laptops and monitors, including devices from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung

    Of particular interest is the retailer’s wide assortment of laptops and monitors, including devices from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung.

    Visit Makro online here


    South African newsagent CNA has offered a small range of technology deals with free shipping on orders over R350,00; among those deals include specials on two budget devices, the Vodacom Smart Kicka and Samsung Galaxy J2.

    Those offerings are supplemented by discounts on newly-released gaming titles such as FIFA 17 and Titanfall 2.

    Visit CNA online here

    online shopping black friday deals

    Online shopping deals


    As opposed to many other retailers on this list, DionWired has offered its intent to host Black Friday deals exclusively online.

    To that end, the retailer is set to offer deals on a host of products at ‘up to 50% off’ selected products. We expect to see a majority of deals on appliance and kitchen/homeware supplemented by deals on Apple products, audio/visual equipment, and peripheral accessories.

    Visit DionWired here


    iToys has launched its Black Friday sale, in which the Cape Town-based vendor is offering discounts on a wide range of accessories for mobile devices.

    Included in iToy’s deals catalogue are mobile battery packs, tempered glass screen protectors, headsets, Google Cardboard kits, and more.

    Visit iToys online here 


    Takealot has officially launched its Blue Dot preview sale, in which it is offering discounts on a range of accessories including headsets, fitness trackers, monitors, SD cards and more.

    The official Blue Dot sale launches on Black Friday and will end on 29 November wherein a host of brands and product categories will be offered.

    Visit Takealot online here


    Loot has announced its plans to host its own Black Friday sale which will run solely on the 25th of November.

    While the firm has yet to publish what deals it has offered, it has cited that it will offer products at up to 80% off.

    Visit Loot online here


    Raru will similarly launch its own Black Friday sale, and will offer deals on products throughout the course of the day.

    We expect to see deals on a range of notebooks, gaming consoles and titles, as well as a host of peripheral accessories.

    Visit Raru online here

    gaming black friday deals south africa

    Gaming marketplaces

    Xbox Store

    The Microsoft Xbox Store has launched a slew of online deals for week of Black Friday, among which several titles for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will retail at discounted prices.

    Among them, new titles such as Battlefield 1 (R535.33) and Titanfall 2 (R479.20) will be offered at heavily discounted prices among older titles such as Grand Theft Auto V (R449.50) and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (R199.50).

    On the Xbox 360, games can expect heavily discounted titles such as Far Cry 4 (R65.67) or Hitman: Absolution (R42.25).

    See all the Xbox Store deals here

    PlayStation Store

    The PlayStation Store will offer discounts on a range of titles available for the PlayStation 4, including Batman: Arkham Knight  (R249.00), Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gold Edtion (R329) as well as No Man’s Sky (R549).

    For the complete list of deals, visit the PlayStation Store here.

    Have your say!

    What deals are you most looking forward to seeing on Black Friday? Are there any vendors we should add to our list? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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