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    Social Media

    The GRID : Facebook Application

    The GRID is a a South African location-based social networking service for cellphones. Cow Times guys have developed a free Facebook application that you can access via WAP (wap.thegrid.co.za) on our mobile phone, that allows you to see where your friends are on the map, allows you to organize events […]

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    New Facebook Profile Layout

    Well it was about time for Facebook to come up with a redesigned profile page and they did today. It’s now simpler, relevant and can be controlled better, or at least that’s what Ruchi Sanghvi says on Facebook Developers. But let’s see what’s new, even if they say these screenshots […]

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    Facebook ad:tech announcement

    Zuckerberg announced today (read liveblog at TechCrunch) the new monetization scheme, Social Ads, to finally turn their billions of page views and detailed user information into dollar signs for Facebook, inc. I’m glad they’re looking at things other than the sidebar skyscrapper, because we, as users, STILL DON’T SEE IT. […]

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    First Peek at Facebook’s SocialAds

    I believe this is the first peek of Facebook’s new ad scheme. You can see the ads down the left column. It was widely believed they would be similar to AdWords and they are. The ads are not contextually accurate but this is obviously a pre-beta rollout. They will have […]

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    Microsoft buys 2% of Facebook for $240 Mil

    Microsoft has won the fight to be Facebook‘s new investor and advertising partner, beating Google in some heated negotiations and getting a stake in the company. Microsoft has not bought Facebook, but it now owns 1.6%-2% of the fastest rising social network, paying $240 million for the stake and setting […]

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    Rumour: Facebook To Launch MP3 Store?

    Is Facebook planning on launching an MP3 store? Mashable this morning linked to a post on All Facebook that notes an “œextremely reliable anonymous source“ tipped off blogger Nick O‘Neill that Facebook is prepping to launch an in-house competitor to iTunes.One of the things that has driven Facebook‘s popularity since […]

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