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    May 5, 2017

    Facebook plans to introduce a “Disputed” Tag and a “Dislike” Button

    Facebook reportedly has plans to debut a ‘Disputed’ tag to combat fake news as well as a ‘Dislike’ button for posts – but how could this change the social media network?

    Gone are the days of fake news on social media websites. Facebook, the biggest social media platform in the world, has become first social media website in the world to launch a feature to battle against the problem of fake news. The social media giant is testing a new feature called a “Disputed” tag. This tag will specifically appear beneath every disputed news or story.

    Any story or news marked disputed will be reviewed thoroughly by independent fact-checking organizations such as Snoops.com and Politifact. Snopes.Com and Politifact will sign a “Fact Checkers’ Code of Principle” specifically maintained by Poynter, a journalism non-profit institute, with the objective of ensuring commitment to non-partisanship and transparency in sourcing as well as funding.

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    How Will Disputed Tag Impact Stories or News Marked as Fake?

    The company has not guaranteed anything about the way “Disputed” tag will affect the way how a story or news marked fake by users will be handled by the ranking algorithms of Facebook. According to Recode, one of the best independent and latest tech news provider, fake news or stories will get a plenty of time to make the round on Facebook for the following reasons:

    • Facebook’s flagging process will itself not take less than several days
    • Although political left and public are constantly pressuring Facebook to tackle the problem of fake news stories yet the company is in no way interested to guide users about what to trust, and what not to trust
    • Facebook fears the loss of user engagement on posts because of filtering and flagging news or stories
    • Introduction of a “Disputed” tag has already invited a lot of criticism from users residing in every corner of the world

    facebook disputed tag

    A “Disputed Tag” is not the only thing that Facebook has introduced for its users. In fact, Facebook has also added “Dislike” Button. Millions of Facebook users had been requesting the company to add “Dislike” button for years.

    Dislike Button in the Form of Thumbs Down

    Users’ request seems to have reached at Facebook. This is why the company seems to have given nod to it- a sort of. This much-awaited button/option will still not be available for users in the form of “Thumbs Down” icon alongside the posts reactions like haha, sad, angry, wow, love etc. instead, the social media giant is testing this button for its messenger app.

    This Worries Social Media Marketing Companies

    The answer to this question is very simple. People have calling Facebook to introduce a “Dislike” button for timeline and beneath stories or news. Companies active in the domain of social media services are worried in this regard because this button will have significant impact from marketing and PR point of view.

    Moreover, this “Dislike” button will mainly affect businesses of social media marketing companies providing services to other businesses through Facebook.

    “Dislike” Button will Affect Social Media Marketers and Other Businesses in a Number of Ways

    This button will force brands to take dislikes into consideration. They will have tally the number of dislikes on their posts against other metrics such as the number of lies, shares, reactions, followers and comments. Businesses will have to keep room in their social media marketing strategies for a dislike button.

    Introduction of a “Dislike” button beneath posts will add more data to social media marketing firms and other businesses to improve their marketing services/practices through better content and customer services. They will have to interact with unhappy customers and answer their queries quickly.

    In accordance with Mr. Deep Katyal, a Senior Director at MediaWorks, a “Dislike” Button by Facebook will a way for businesses and social media marketing firms to seek more information about the users for improved marketing.

    Rules for SMM (Social Media Marketing) Practices will Change

    This button will surely redefine the way businesses currently operate on Facebook. Therefore, every social media marketer will have to consider the possibility of change in rules related to the application of social media marketing practices on websites like Facebook and many more because these rules are controlled by the social media networks instead of their users.

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    The Bottom Line

    Introduction of a “Disputed” tag is surely going to encourage companies or users to stop posting/sharing fake news about everything. As for effects of a Dislike button, they are still not known to anyone. However, if Facebook decides to introduce a Dislike Button in future for its users on their timeline then seriously affect social media marketing firms and their business practices on Facebook.

    By Soumyajit Chakraborty, CEO of SoftProdigy

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