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    May 5, 2015

    Sony launches PlayStation Now on the PlayStation 3

    Today, Sony announced that the company intends to bring its cloud gaming service to its elder console, the PlayStation 3, alongside a new 7 day free trial to consumers who haven’t yet signed up.

    PlayStation Now – Sony’s game streaming service which launched in beta in July of 2014 – was at first exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

    Sony saw fit to ‘officially’ release PlayStation Now on the PlayStation 4 earlier this year, following a three year development process which allegedly saw Sony pay $380 million USD to acquire streaming company Gaikai in order to develop the technology behind it.

    Playstation Now is also currently available on the PlayStation Vita and TV, as well as certain Sony televisions and Blu-ray players. Sony are also currently wrapping up a deal with Samsung which will see the service integrated into certain Samsung Smart TVs.

    PlayStation Now is presently available for an expensive monthly price of $19.99 USD per month. Sony have stated that the intention behind bringing PlayStation Now availability to the PlayStation 3 is to allow backwards compatibility; allowing users to stream PlayStation 3 titles to the newer version of the famous console.


    Users who opt to take Sony’s offer of a 7-day free trial and thereafter sign up for the service will have access to a reported list of more than 100 PlayStation 3 games, including popular titles┬ásuch as Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row IV, Killzone 3, and Final Fantasy XIII.

    PlayStation Now will be available on the PlayStation 3 from May 12.


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    Listen in to our latest podcast!