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    August 22, 2017

    Bandwidth Blog On Air – Episode 87

    bandwidth blog on air episode 87

    Welcome back to Bandwidth Blog On Air – our weekly podcast with the latest news, reviews, and opinions from the technology world.

    Welcome to the 87th Episode of Bandwidth Blog On Air!

    In this episode, Theunis and Bryan sit down to discuss the worldwide release of Bixby, Nokia’s new 8, and Motorola’s new self-healing screen patents.

    Stay tuned as Theunis shares his thoughts on the LG Q6 in this week’s review spotlight.

    In this episode, we speak on the following stories:


    Bixby Voice gets set for prime time in South Africa on August 22nd

    Nokia 8:

    This is 8: Nokia’s new flagship springs to life with a dual-camera array


    Patents reveal Motorola is developing a self-healing smartphone screen

    LG Q6:

    LG’s mini Q6 goes official in three variants, each with a FullVision Display

    We would like the show to be driven by you, our readers, so if there is anything you would like us to discuss, review or share let us know in the comments below. Send us your thoughts and questions to editor@bandwidthblog.com and we will address them in future episodes.

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!