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    October 12, 2016

    Bandwidth Blog On Air – Episode 59

    bandwidth blog on air episode 59

    Welcome back to Bandwidth Blog On Air Episode 59 ““ our weekly podcast with the latest news, reviews, and opinions from the technology world, proudly sponsored by iToys.

    In Episode 59 of Bandwidth Blog On Air, we’ve got something special for you! Use the code BWB20 to get 20% of any purchase from our awesome sponsor, iToys.co.za!

    In this episode, Bandwidth Blog Editor Theunis van Rensburg and General Manager Bryan Smith sit down to discuss Samsung’s unprecedented Galaxy Note 7 disaster, and break down what has lead up to Samsung’s decision to cease producing the device and where the company could go from here.

    Stay tuned as Bryan shares his thoughts on the Limelens Camera Lens Set, which we’re giving away on BandwidthBlog.com! Be sure to get your entry in for your chance to win!

    In this episode, we speak on the following stories:

    Galaxy Note 7 disaster:

    Update: Samsung issues worldwide recall for the Galaxy Note 7

    Samsung will limit the Galaxy Note 7‘s battery life to prevent further explosions

    Samsung ceases Galaxy Note 7 production amidst explosion fears

    Apple shares reach a new high as Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 7 gets discontinued

    Limelens Camera Lens Kit:

    Limelens Camera Lens Set Review: Shooting wider, closer, and sharper

    COMPETITION: Limelens Camera Lens Kit Giveaway!

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!