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    April 5, 2007

    Sneak Preview: Facebook layout chages

    Facebook has created a group called “Facebook Sneak Preview”, where they’ve posted screenshots of the upcoming changes to the social networking site’s layout. Last year a set of privacy chages to the site sparked international outrage with some saying that the “drastic new change to our Facebook home page crosses the line between quiet stalking and outright invasion of privacy.”

    Here are the three biggest aspects of the upcoming changes at Facebook:

    • A simplified design. For those of the Facebook old guard, you’ve watched the number of features on the site grow. The new design will bring the focus back to the core elements, so the links you use the most often are easiest to find, while the others have new sensible homes. This will also help beginners understand how to get started. The Profile page will be a little sleeker, with your status rearranged, quick links under the profile picture and a mini-er Mini-Feed.
    • A unified inbox. All of your messages and shares will be found in one unified inbox, and extra functionality will be added to each. Now, rather than commenting on a share, you reply to it, just like a message. Also you can now message several people at once, and they can reply to everyone on the thread, just like email.
    • Network pages. Every network will have a single page where you can see all the sweet stuff happening in each of your networks. You’ll be able to browse the profiles of network members, check out interesting facts about the breakdown of people around you, and see popular activity like which videos are getting shared and which groups are growing. There will also be a new events calendar to find out what’s going on in your network.


    This group is a place for Facebook users to discuss the changes with one another. Facebook staff be dropping by from time to time to update the screenshots, add information, collect your advice and answer some questions.

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!

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    • Shanon

      Do you know if Facebook ever let us edit/ create our own layouts? Or maybe come up with a theme to change the colors of their layout?

    • Hey Shannon,

      Well, you can always hop on over to Myspace if you wanna update your layout themes!

    • tom

      I think Facebook can attract more people if they can let people to express them self with their own creative layouts.Hope they will come up with that idea sooner than later.I like facebook…but only thing really missing that spark is layouts.

    • taijon

      myspace let you be more creative, unlike facebook. facebook seems boring.

    • janessa

      yeah facebook is boring without layouts man its cheap….i think the only kool thing about it is that u can connect with numerous friends and stuff like that ..facebook only has applications where u can “own” people.
      my big sister has facebook shes obsessed with it she told me lol but thats not the point..man facebook needs layouts bad…..

    • chibi

      I think facebook is trying to go for the more professional look. I half like this because it does get a little childish and annoying if you go to someone’s page and it’s all hot pink everywhere with a long trail of hearts as your mouse, but on the other hand, I would like the option of changing the layout- where everything is, not just the order they go in. It also annoys me how I can’t get rid of some boxes on the profile, like mini-feed, which i really don’t like.
      I was thinking how i would like to have auto-play music, but understand how that might get annoying, so maybe an option to turn off, or even altogether(in your account so that whenever you go to ppl’s pages you never hear the auto play music).

    • Very nice!!

    • roonster

      If you want custom layouts for facebook….you can do it!!
      Theres a free addon for the FIREFOX browser called Stylish, this addon
      lets you change the layout. You can change everything even have picture
      backgrounds! its all dead easy to use to.. and no im not on commission from firefox..lol not sure if I can post links here? but here you go anyway..

      picture of my facebook :http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/4052/facebooknl6.jpg
      stylish addon :https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search?q=stylish&cat=all

    • Kaylee

      mine didn’t change yet!! everyone else’s did! its not fair, i’ve heard its bad but i still want to see it