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    April 4, 2013

    Online Retailer Wantitall Invests in Citymob


    Wantitall.co.za, one of South Africa’s largest online retailers with over 14 million products available online, has recently invested in leading online design retailer Citymob.co.za. The investment brings Citymob improved systems, logistics, warehousing facilities, increased access to customers, strong supplier relationships and improved staffing.

    Luke Jedeikin, co-founder of Citymob says, “We‘re extremely excited about this new partnership, it will allow us to upscale quickly and ensure a world-class logistics offering. Citymob was looking for partners that could bring with them the required expertise and help us grow, and we believe we‘ve found the perfect fit with Wantitall.“

    Citymob catapulted themselves into the eCommerce design space in July 2012. At that time the average amount of products sold daily via the site was 80 and the Citymob database contained approximately 50,000 members. Now Citymob sells 10 times as many products daily, reaching an extensive database of over 300, 000 individuals. “Our growth in recent months has been truly exceptional,“ continues Jedeiken. The group has seen significant month-on-month turnover growth since their relaunch into curated, “œdesign“ products, leaving the group buying space from where they were conceived in their tracks. To meet the increased product demand, Citymob grew their staff complement from 14 people in July of 2012 to 35 in February 2013, including warehouse staff. 

    Justin Drennan, founder of Wantitall mentions: “œWe‘ve been working on a highly automated warehouse system over the past few years and more recently, have been seeking a partner with whom we could share this with. After meeting and evaluating numerous opportunities, we have found a partner with massive growth prospects and a shared vision whom we are delighted to include within our existing warehouse infrastructure“. 

    Jedeikin attributes Citymob‘s success first and foremost to its product offerings but more recently this has been combined with their significantly improved shipping & customer service. “It‘s all about the product ““ both physical and virtual. Our development team owns our virtual product, our curators own our physical product and the founders oversee both. We are always enhancing, always improving and always progressing. Our turnover has increased by some 300% in the past 6 months, which reassures us that we really are doing something right.“

    They are indeed, it seems. At the end of 2012 Citymob was ranked in the top 5 SA e-commerce companies by web traffic, according to online rating site Alexa.com, moving ahead of powerhouses such as Kulula.com, Yuppiechef, Computicket and Instagram. Now, in addition to improved logistics, warehousing facilities and increased staffing achieved via the Wantitall partnership, Citymob are able to tap into the extensive experience and strong supplier relationships Wantitall have gained over the last six years.

    “œSince inception we‘ve really evolved our model continuously and we foresee this new partnership as a key ingredient in allowing us to evolve even further, extending our footprint and becoming one of the top online retail destinations in the country.“
    comments Jedeiken. Citymob devotees can also now look out for exclusive brands and products from Europe, America, Australia, Japan and more on SA shores. “œWe want to cement our position as Africa‘s #1 Design destination,“ says Jedeiken, “œand this new and powerful partnership with Wantitall simply strengthens our ability to do that“

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • DaveZim

      Dunno how WantItAll makes any sales. Pricing is ridiculous in comparison to the exact same products available on BoB. An online retailer will only work if its focused on a niche category (such as CityMob or yuppie chef). Otherwise they can’t compete with an online marketplace (e.g eBay or BoB)

    • WantItAll are a bunch of creeps and their pricing is ridiculous! I have caught them out twice selling floor & ceiling lamps from Ikea at astronomical prices! Example…R2500 for a lamp you can get for R250??? And on each occasion when i placed the link on my facebook page for my friends to see, it magically disappears