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    February 19, 2009

    Office photos – Google South Africa

    Google has offices in South Africa headed up by Staford Masie, Stephen Newton (both resigned – no new country head announced yet?). Their goal is to expand the search giant’s advertising reach in emerging markets like in SA. Their office is a colourful combination of iconic Google items such as bean bags and lava lamps. Not quite the Google campus everyone dreams of working at in Silicon Valley but it’s a start.





    Props to Graeme for sending through the photos. View our office photos archive here

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Digging the poofs. 🙂

    • Not very impressive at all. Looks like a boring old corporate office with some colourful beanbags lying around.

      Definitely not a shade on anything they have at Mountain View.

      • Sphmandladladla

        u critisyz coz u dnt understand why it is lyk dis nxt tym try 2 atleast do some research b4 u critisize or study management lessons hope u will understand

    • Brett

      I don’t see any nice doof doof systems…

    • Kindergarten flashbacks

    • Looks like a crèche, not like a Giant of the Internet.

    • supercopygurl

      I’m not convinced that I like it, it seems a little…what’s the word. Dull, even with the colour.

    • jazzer

      Holy C R A P

      do these people have NO clue at all ? this has to rate as the most Gross office arrangement I have ever seen. Clearly Google are Totally DEVOID of anything coming 160 kms near taste.

    • Ash

      Looks more like a place you’d go to pick up your kids.

    • Kat

      Shame, all hating on the offices! Respect to the pilates explorer on the green ball :). Reminds me of one of Google’s first offices: http://msnbcmedia2.msn.com/j/ap/8f56ec72-5425-4e08-b82c-c5ac97ab34e0.widec.jpg

    • Nah that’s KAK!

      Why are there Google pictures on almost every wall? Do they need to be reminded of who they work for?

      Agree with all posts above…

    • And so you see the problem with high expectations…!

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    • nqobile

      wow its your choice guys your the one hu’l be facing that cretche

    • George Wendelstadt


      I am making use of Google services now for several years and am grateful for there free email system however the past 6 months I found that there service is gradually deteriorating. Lately I almost constantly have to open my email in HTML especially in the mornings and late afternoon early evening. Since this morning I can’t open my emails at all. Google displays a pages stating the are sorry but they are experiencing technical difficulties and I must try again later.

      Do anybody have any idea what is happening with Google email or who can be contacted to find out?

      I thought it might be my connection but it is a 3G MTN connection and never had problems before. The Google search engine works perfect.

      • Rone Swartz

        try adding an “s” to http, making it https://… its worked for me.

    • Dewald

      people people people

      what is wrong with u??
      i would give anything to work at google!
      just for those who work….!look around in your offices,that is what you call lame and dull!

    • Earl

      Can anybody tell me where in SA the Google offices are, they are impossible to find!!!!!!

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    • I need to find google’s telephone number …. Its like they dont exist on any telephone directory!!!

    • Hloni

      How do I erase personal information uploaded in goggle?

    • Liesbet

      Hey guys – come on!!

      I think it is real cool to have bright colours and fun furniture. Just cause the years have rolled on does not mean you have to be, or act, old! Where is your inner child!!!!!!!

      I have worked in various environments and this one must be the most stimulating environments where it would not be a drag to get out of bed and go to work to. Nothing more depressing than dull old standard (by who-ever’s standards that turned out to be)either grey or cream or wallpaper. Yuck! All these “standard colours” does wonders for, is suppressing imaginative, creative ideas and productivity and create lack of oomph! or motivation.

      And as for displaying the name all over – well, it pays to advertise. It got your attention, didn’t it.

    • Rendani

      hi Guys can u briefly tell me more about Google Adsense.my number is 0769463655 or use my email

    • mark

      Yeh, this looks like real junk. Just another dingy corporate office with beanbags. A total mockery of the real thing overseas!

    • calvin

      Hi this calvin I just whant a contact number by the SA Google office !!!!

    • Mnagcola

      Ugliest offices ever seen, looks like my sons room, in a dirty state.Kak

      • google-lover

        kak name mnagcola, think you should google a proper name for yourself

      • Karabo Kwabz Kungoane

        At least they enjoy waking up to go to work everyday. I would like to have a room like your son’s if it looks like these offices. Offices aren’t what they used to be and don’t have to conform to a specific order or structure. You’ll be surprised that the most profitable empires have the most unique working environments. Times have changed and so should your mindset. But hey, that’s just me, I’m only 18.

    • Hi Guys,

      I’m at my wits end and hope you can help. 🙂

      I am looking for office numbers for Google SA and / or confirm the office location at The Campus in Bryanston.

      I need this information as I believe Google might be able to help me with a business process I am trying to develop for the South African market.

      Kind Regards,
      Thamsanqa Bengu

    • Hi Guys…

      Please help..I have a business proposal for Google one that would help with stress reduction and help boost staff morale in the work place. Please foward me the contact info ie. tel no for google offices.

    • Hahahaha! These comments crack me up!

      Sure, I was also expecting something with a bigger oomph!

    • Chris

      People, this is a satelite office for advertising, they work over the phone and do not bring people to s the office. Look at their global offices and understand the different divisions that google have. I now understand the brillianve of my fellow South Africans. If i cant have it own it or take it, its trash! I have been to some of their global offices world wide, that is impressive! Why? Because they entertain corporate guests.
      Just the mentality of some of the comments!!!
      If you walked into a car show room, do you think they will show you the workshop or the staff rooms???

    • SAshnee Solomon

      Was there a problem with google yesterday the 21st?

    • Mysterious

      I would love to work in those offices it looks like fun

    • Anna

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      I’ve really enjoyed. I sincerely thank you again.

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    • Kevin

      If you use and pay Google to advertise your business, is the payment Vat deductible?

    • kevin@cars4sa.co.za

      We are currently paying R100K pm on marketing and can’t seem to get the answer.

    • Where is this office located at?

    • John



      • thaboMad

         just google it

    • Jaco Etsebeth

      Hi There,

      I would like to ask a question to one or more Google SA personnel about Gmail?  Can someone (worker at Google SA) just send me an email to jacoetsebeth@gmail.com?  I would like to discuss it further then.
      @gmail:disqus Kind Regards,jaco

    • Comfrenz

      how do i contact @google:disqus capetown offices

    • Pierre Van Heerden

      hallo google.. you there..? please turn off the lights cause it’s obvious no is home..!!