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    March 7, 2013

    Afrihost giving away free bandwidth to ADSL customers

    Now this is a good move to keep your customers happy – Afrihost is once again giving away free bandwidth to its existing customers. Afrihost will be sending out emails to clients to receive a “mystery bonus”. Afrihost has completed IPC upgrades to their ADSL network, meaning they have additional bandwidth capacity.

    Upon opening the mail, users will be added to a random draw which calculate the percentage of their normal bandwidth per month, and will then be added to the customer’s monthly allocation. The percentage awarded range between 50% and 240%, which means you might suddenly have three times as much data cap for the month.

    So, for example, a 10GB capped account holder could get another 24GB added to their account (if they get the maximum bonus award).

    As with the previous promotion, the additional data is added as a topup to the client’s account, and unused data will expire at the end of March. The difference is that Afrhost will now be rewarding their entire Capped client base within the next 48 hours, rather than over a 2 month period as they did before

    Users on twitter are already reacting:


    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • fintel

      Awesome. Can’t wait to see what mine will be.

    • Jacques

      They are in trouble. I am moving my business elsewhere. The absolute worst call centre/helpdesk/resolution centre I have ver experienced but hte… hey, I am just a small guy renting a dedicated server…. what do they care. I am not suprised they are doing this type of marketing. Desperate times…

    • Shanej

      Afrihost, is an Awesome ISP! I’ve been with them for a number of years and the service has been outstanding, I hardly have to ever contact the call centre, things just tick along as they should. They keep me up-to-date and well informed of changes and possible problems on the network that may occur,
      allowing me to plan around them.

      Afrihost have topped the competition with this
      latest incentive, I don’t see any other ISP’s willing to share their bottom
      line profits by giving back to their client’s. Last month I received 34Gb free,
      this month another 40Gb,

      Thank You Afrihost for the gifts and great service,
      keep going !!

      • Syco

        On 24 February I was given an extra 7GB which would expire at the end of the month – four days away! Big deal. Now I saw that their uncapped accounts were going to be unshaped/unthrottled so I asked for an upgrade but now they tell me that the are going back to throttling/shaping after a week!! WTF? Will be contacting Web Africa to switch!