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    October 19, 2016

    Telkom Mobile is set to offer free access to academic materials

    Telkom Mobile offers free access to academic materials

    In the wake of ongoing #FeesMustFall protests, Telkom Mobile has offered free access to academic materials to consumers with an enabled SIM card.

    As #FeesMustFall protests continue across the country and several prominent public universities find themselves in operational limbo or total shutdown, Telkom Mobile has stepped forward to offer free mobile data services to students who cannot access academic materials online.

    The company, which cited that many universities have opted to offer lecture and study material online while campuses are closed, has opted to zero-rate online academic content.

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    Zero-rating is a term used to describe the process of a network operator enabling free, uncharged access to a certain website or series of web portals.

    “œTelkom‘s Reverse Bill URL service allows students using a Telkom mobile prepaid or postpaid SIM card to access content on a university website without paying for data consumption… Students accessing academic material via Telkom ISP will also benefit from free data as Telkom already zero rates this traffic,” the company said in a statement.

    Telkom cited that public universities would normally pay for the facility in which students are able to access academic content for free, but has elected to   “œwaive the data consumption costs until the end of the academic year“.

    While the facility will require a Telkom Mobile SIM card to use, the network has stated that it is in the process of working with academic institutions across the country to launch the initiative.

    If anything, the move is a surefire way to lure consumers over to the network, which has placed an aggressive focus on competitive mobile data bundles this year.

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