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    November 8, 2016

    The next US President will score Barack Obama’s 11 million Twitter followers

    next us president obama twitter followers

    The White House has confirmed that incumbent President Barack Obama’s @POTUS twitter account will be handed over to the next President on January 20th.

    Usually, when a new President of the United States is elected and sworn into office, one worries about what they’ll do when they’re presented with nuclear launch codes. However, we might have more to worry about when with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or Evan McMullin are sworn in: They’ll be given direct control of Barack Obama’s Twitter account, @POTUS.

    The White House has confirmed that on January 20th next year, the @POTUS Twitter handle will be handed over to the United States’ 45th President, while all of Barack Obama’s tweets will be migrated to his new account, @POTUS44. A similar precedent will be made with First Lady Michelle Obama’s account, wherein she will hand over the @FLOTUS handle for @FLOTUS44.

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    The @POTUS account will start with a clean slate, ripe for the Twitter antics which have coloured both Trump and Clinton’s campaigns over the past few months. In fact, neither candidate require the boost in reach; Trump takes the lead with 12.8 million followers at the time of writing, while Clinton follows with 10.1 million.

    The takeover of @POTUS accounts won’t stop there – the next President will further take over the presidential Facebook and Instagram accounts as well, while all of the content from the Obama administration will be migrated to the handle ObamaWhiteHouse.

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    The White House has further confirmed that the Obama administration’s petitions and responses will be archived and open sourced; the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) will provide data, tweets, photos, and other content to the American public with the invitation to “to come up with creative ways to archive this content and make it both useful and available for years to come”.

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