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    July 19, 2013

    Google’s impressive Q2 earnings

    Google‘s stock price has been surging over the last 6 months ““ inching ever closer to the $1000 mark ““ and for good reason. The search giant has been churning out impressive revenue and profit numbers over the last couple of quarters. They have just made their Q2 2013 earnings public and things are still looking rosy in Mountain View.


    In the second quarter of 2013 Google raked in $14.11 billion in revenue, which is a 19% increase year-on-year. Most of that revenue, as expected, came from their advertising properties. A massive $12.1 billion of revenue came from advertising. Of interest in the mobile market is how the acquisition of Motorola is affecting Google‘s numbers. Motorola‘s revenue was $998 for the period but made a loss of $342 million. Google has just started the turnaround strategy for Motorola, and there are some exciting products coming up like the Moto X. That loss to Motorola is chump change to Google in any case, as it has $54.4 billion in cash piled up in its coffers.

    The net income was $3.23 billion which is also an impressive year-on-year jump from $2.79 billion. A large portion of the revenue came from outside the USA, but the domestic market still accounted for 45% of total revenue. While cost-per-click continued to decline for the company, by 6% from last year, the number of paid clicks was up more than enough to compensate ““ an impressive 23 %.

    Google certainly is going from strength to strength. Do you think they can keep it up?

    Source: Google

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