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    April 3, 2012

    Google’s April Fools Day Jokes of 2012

    If there‘s one thing Google clearly does better than its competing tech giants, it‘s April Fools.

    Here are just a few of the many Google pranks that they announced on the internet, in an attempt to simplify things for internet users around the world from crazy new Street View ideas to changing the way we navigate around the web.

    Google’s Really Advanced Search: Google introduced, Really Advanced Search, which went way beyond anything Advanced Search could do. This included searching options like “œrhyming slang for“, “subtext or innuendo for” and the “œthis exact word or phrase”. It even goes so far as to let you filter by a “œembarrassing grammatical faux pas“ and font. While ridiculous, it would be very useful for those of us who really have no idea what we’re looking for.

    Chrome Multitask Mode: Google Chrome’s Multitask mode lets you browse the internet with, wait for it, multiple cursors at the same time. Now you can get more done faster in what Google is calling the “œambinavigation“ revolution.

    Google Racing: Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin announced himself that in partnership with Nascar, Google was going to explore “building a self-driving car capable of navigating a track at speeds upwards of 200mph while surrounded by other cars.”. The answer is Google Racing. Brin does a really good job of convincing viewers that the idea is legitimate.

    Watch Brin’s announcement of the partnership in the video below:


    Gmail Tap: Gmail Tap takes the standard QWERTY keyboard we’re all so familiar with down from 26 keys to a mere two by utilising the long retired communication method of Morse Code. Gmail Tap lets you now type without looking and gives users the ability to type two emails at the same time. Maybe a little too much multi-tasking for some.

    Watch how Gmail Tap works in the video below (With an LL Cool J cameo):


    Google Street Roo: To add to its already extensive coverage of Australia and other exotic locations like Google’s tour of the Amazon, Google announced that it will be strapping 360 degree head-on cameras to more than 1000 Kangaroos to take users off-road and give them a unique experience of the Australian Outback. Read more about Google Street Roo here.

    The challenge here, would be attempting to fit the camera on each Kangaroo’s head without getting seriously injured.

    Would you have believed any of these April Fools Day announcements? Let us know.

    Source: The Next Web

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Haha!  Hey guys, great read, thanks for letting us know about all the jokes.  I actually Gmail on Twitter and saw all the talk about Gmail Tap and I honestly thought it was legit.  So I fell for that one!!  The others seem a bit too far fetched in my books.  I almost fell for Richard Branson’s “Virgin Volcanic” joke, but then realised that too was “way out there”.  Thanks again for the story, guys.  Keep up the great work.

    • Kelly Levinsohn

      Thanks for the compliment! We’re always happy to bring you content that you enjoy! I thought this was great on Google’s part and really thought Google’s Street Roo picture was hilarious.