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    August 18, 2017

    Google tests its new Search Lite app in emerging markets

    google search lite

    Google has begun testing a new Search Lite app in emerging markets, which offers to enhance access to information in countries with limited connectivity.

    Though Google might have both the world’s foremost search engine and most prevalent mobile operating system, the Mountain View company continually seeks ways to entice new users from all over the world. One such bid has been the delivery of Android Go as an operating system for emerging markets, and now the firm has teased its Search Lite app for regions with limited connectivity.

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    Search functionality has been increasingly baked into builds of Android in recent years – beyond the advent of Google Assistant, most Android users will be familiar with Google Now and other contextual suggestions offered by Google’s Play Services.

    Search Lite, then, intends to offer a slimmer version of Google’s primary Android app for emerging markets in a bid that closely follows Facebook’s development of Facebook Lite.

    Search Lite takes some inspiration from Google Now, but does away with cards – instead, users can access bubbles pertaining to features such as web search, translate, weather, and trending news. The app arrives with built-in data saving features in a bid to make access to information (and, of course, Google services) more affordable for the everyman in the street.

    The app is presently being tested in Indonesia, and there has been no confirmation from Google as to whether the client will be available outside the region upon release. Still, users interested in giving Search Lite a spin can download and side-load the application on their Android device here.

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    What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to use a lightweight version of Google’s services in your day-to-day? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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