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    January 2, 2013

    Sony Finally Stops Production of PlayStation 2

    After more than 12 years, the best selling games console of all time is finally calling it quits. After 150 million sold units, and the PlayStation 4 apparently already in the works, you really have to commend Sony for somehow still convincing people to keep buying them until now.

    The PlayStation 2 got launched in March 2000 with then very high end hardware, and even included a DVD drive, which was still a rare find. The later Blu-Ray equipped PlayStation 3 was much improved, but its high price meant that the PlayStation 2 actually still outsold it for a further three years. The games ecosystem for the Playstation 2 is also without equal – there is more than 10,000 titles available for the console, and game development houses still keep on developing Playstation 2 versions of high end games, despite it having much worse hardware compared to later consoles.

    But now that the Playstation 2 will no longer be produced, Sony can start putting those manufacturing resources towards the new PlayStation 4. There is no confirmation of specs or pricing yet, and Sony is not divulging any info on it yet.

    Source: BBC

    Listen in to our latest podcast!