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    September 26, 2017

    Xbox Smartwatch: Images of Microsoft’s cancelled timepiece leak out

    microsoft xbox smartwatch

    New images have revealed Microsoft’s canceled Xbox Smartwatch, which was ultimately dropped before its planned introduction in 2013.

    In many ways, Microsoft has tested and planned products far ahead of its time – such as some of its high-end Windows Phone devices or its scrapped Moonraker project. New images, however, have now outed yet another project that never made it to the limelight – an Xbox Smartwatch.

    The news harks back to rumours in 2013, which predicted that the Redmond company was set to introduce an Xbox-branded smartwatch that would tie into its range of consoles. Images revealed by Microsoft PowerUser have pictured a device that looks very reminiscent of the Apple Watch, with a proprietary ‘Surface Connector’ in tow.

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    According to rumour, the device would apparently have featured a 1.5″ display with 6GB of internal storage. In a move similar to Apple’s smartwatch strategy, the device would apparently have supported replaceable wristbands which could have been produced by third parties.

    xbox smartwatch

    The watch may have supported LTE connectivity – beating the Apple Watch Series 3 to store shelves by three years. It remains uncertain what measure of connectivity the device may have supported to tether itself to an Xbox console or PC – though the fact that the device bore a heart rate sensor gives us an indication it may have been used to tie in to fitness or health-related apps or games.

    Ultimately, Microsoft elected to introduce the Band in 2014 – shelving all of its plans to produce a true smartwatch. The company has seemingly left the mobile space altogether, meaning that we may never see a Microsoft or Xbox-branded smartwatch ever again.

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    What are your thoughts? Would you have been willing to purchase an Xbox smartwatch? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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