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    May 20, 2015

    Supermodel Jourdan Dunn gets HTC ‘Ink-ed’

    Over the years HTC has employed some interesting methods to get its brand name out there in ways few other companies have tried. Their newest campaign? Launching limited edition HTC One M9 smartphones in conjunction with a supermodel.

    Jourdan has collaborated with the Cally-Jo Apothecary, a celebrity tattoo artist, to come up with a new design. The open hand and eye symbolize the need for protection and strength while still being open and approachable in personality and style.

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    You can also read the full press release:

    HTC has unveiled its latest campaign HTC INK. Working in collaboration with worldwide fashion icon and supermodel Jourdan Dunn, and tapping into the fashion world‘s passion for body art, HTC INK will see bespoke celebrity body art designs engraved onto a limited run of HTC‘s premium HTC One M9 handsets.

    A ground-breaking star of international high fashion runways, advertising campaigns and magazines, with an approachable street style and a personal love of body art, Jourdan is the ideal choice to launch this style-led Limited Edition campaign, which capitalises on the global trend for “˜ink‘, in both permanent and temporary forms.

    With the look and feel of the HTC One M9 inspired by the artistry of high-end fine jewellers, coming in a number of brushed-metal, two tone finishes, Jourdan‘s HTC INK design will replicate this in the form of temporary metallic body art. Created by Cally-Jo Pothecary, who was responsible for Rihanna‘s henna-style hand inking, it will be engraved onto the back of a series of Limited Edition HTC One M9 handsets.

    On her appointment as HTC INK‘s first global ambassador, Jourdan said: “œMy experience in the world of fashion means that I have a passion for creativity and expressing personal style. The HTC INK campaign seemed like a fun way for me to showcase the inspiration behind my own body art and share my love of design. I‘m proud to be part of HTC‘s campaign and am excited to see people around the world with my creation on their HTC One M9.“

    HTC‘s CEO Cher Wang said: “œCleverly executed and unique body art is as much an expression of your style and personality as your outfit, haircut or your smartphone. No brand has yet tapped into the potential of body art and it seemed a natural fit for HTC‘s commitment to promote brilliant design and individual expression. With Jourdan Dunn working alongside us, we will continue to lead the industry in setting trends and making technology more human and individualistic.“

    About HTC One M9

    The newest flagship in the globally acclaimed HTC One family, the HTC One M9 is HTC‘s most personal, beautiful and powerful smartphone yet. A classic yet timeless celebration of beauty and elegance, it combines high style, personalisation and performance and, with a raft of high end features, is perfectly designed for those who aspire to a brilliant life.

    Interpreting Jourdan Dunn‘s HTC INK design

    Body art is a visual language and so Jourdan worked with celebrity “˜ink-er‘ Cally Jo Pothecary to come up with an image that encapsulated her feelings about a new direction in her life, her excitement over upcoming creative projects, and being able to express her individual style through her partnership with HTC.

    The open hand and eye symbolise the need for protection and strength, whilst still being open and approachable in personality and style. The natural leaf-elements and patterns around the outside of each visual reflect the growth in creativity that she is feeling at this time, whilst the sun and moon together indicate balance and harmony in her character.

    Source: HTC

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