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    September 1, 2016

    Sony unveils the Xperia XZ; yet another attempt at fame after the Xperia X

    Sony unveils the Xperia XZ; yet another attempt at fame

    Sony has unveiled the Xperia XZ; a new 5.2″ Android smartphone that’s designed to make you forget about the Xperia X Performance.

    With its latest smartphone, Sony doesn’t want you to ask ‘Y’. Get it? Good. After the dismal success of the latest batch of Xperia X smartphones, Sony has had another go on the swing with the Xperia XZ.

    Yet another 5.2″ Android smartphone, the Xperia XZ will launch with a 1080p display and 3GB of RAM, yet that’s not what’s meant to be the show stopper here. The XZ benefits from imaging improvements designed to prop it up alongside contenders such as the Galaxy S7 and Huawei P9.

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    That effort amounts to a 23-megapixel rear facing camera that features ‘predictive hybrid autofocus’ as well as 4K video recording. Further, small design tweaks include ‘ALKALEIDO’ metal and USB Type-C connectivity. Welcome to 2016, Sony.

    Sony unveils the Xperia XZ; yet another attempt at fame

    Pictured: Definitely don’t ask Y.

    On the front, there’s a 13-megapixel selfie camera that’s complemented by a larger 2,900mAh battery with adaptive charging, while a Snapdragon 820 processor and 32 or 64GB of expandable storage round out the package.

    That all measures in at an 8.1mm profile, which, while not being the slimmest Android phone out there, will turn some heads.

    Will this be enough to put Sony back in the limelight? It remains to be seen. Ever since the company officially concluded its Xperia Z lineup and migrated to the Xperia X range, the company has been beset by poor critical performance. That’s ironic, given the name of the company’s premium Xperia X handset.

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    What are your thoughts on the Xperia XZ? Is this enough to rekindle interest in Sony as a brand, or has the Japanese company lost its smartphone allure? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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