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    November 9, 2016

    Samsung’s foldable Project Valley smartphone leaks out in new patent

    samsung project valley

    Samsung’s foldable ‘Project Valley’ smartphone has leaked in a new patent, which shows the flexible hinge mechanism at the center of the device.

    While we’ve been privy to news that both Samsung and LG have ramped up their development of foldable hardware, we now have a look at what the former South Korean company has been working on through a new leak of its foldable ‘Project Valley’ smartphone.

    Following on from the company’s disastrous run with the Galaxy Note 7, the company’s Project Valley smartphone could now be released in the second half of 2017.

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    A new patent reveals a design that would fold over thanks to an intricate hinge mechanism. Looking somewhat like a clamshell – and, don’t worry, Samsung is still making those too – the device would supposedly make use of a foldable 7″ display.

    The Project Valley patent shows a hinge design that’s quite reminiscent of the one found on Microsoft’s Surface Book; a push button would supposedly unfurl the phone while one interlocking hinge would support most of the strain of opening the device.

    samsung project valley patents

    When unfurled, the device vaguely looks like the LG G4 of yesteryear – sporting a curved form factor with a small rear camera and flash module. Samsung’s branding is seen towards the bottom of the device’s rear panel. It is unclear, however, whether the device would work as a conventional smartphone would – with a flat design – and would only pass through the curved design depicted as a transitional stage.

    The clearest patent – which depicts the device folded out flat – shows a design that’s reminiscent of the Galaxy A series, Samsung’s mid-range portfolio.

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