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    May 21, 2015

    Samsung rejects rumours of early Galaxy Note 5 launch

    This being the tech world, rumours are always abound leaving small titbits of interesting info on the internet ““ whether they are true or not. They problem has become that many page hit-seekers have started making up fake rumours for to gain an audience they don‘t deserve. Luckily we the tech journo community have weeded out the fakes from the greats.

    That being said, sometimes we wish a rumour can get confirmed sooner than later by the manufacturer in question. While that will almost never happen, the opposite is often true as it is in this case where Samsung fervently deny a rumour that has been sweeping the internet.

    The rumour from earlier this week suggested Samsung was wrapping-up the Note 5‘s design with the intent of sharing a prototype with carriers next month, and having the phablet ready to hit stores sooner rather than later; as early as July. This would, presumably, have been because of pressure from the iPhone 6 Plus.

    Reportedly, Shin is expressly denying these claims, and while he doesn‘t go so far as to confirm when the Note 5 will actually land, perhaps we shouldn‘t hold out hope for July.

    So we will all just have to wait for IFA later in the year, as usual. We would prefer they “˜perfect‘ the device rather than rushing it to market, anyway.

    Source: WhoWired

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