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    Next generation Zune

    Microsoft will hold a event on Tuesday in Redmond to herald the second generation of Zune music players, Bandwidth Blog has learned. According to sources close to the situation, both Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and Design and Development chief J Allard will be on hand for the event. The main […]

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    We take a look at the iPod Touch

    Recently Apple introduced the iPod Touch. It’s essentially an iPhone without the phone gizmos, and without the speakers and built-in microphone. $299 buys you an 8GB sytem, complete with all the iPhone-like touchy goodness you’ve come to know and want. $399 buys you a 16 GB model with which is […]

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    iPhone sells 1 Mil units

    Seventy four days out from launch, Apple has sold 1 million iPhones“”smack dab on target with recent analyst predictions that the iPhone would surpass the mil mark by Sept. 30. In a press release, Steve Jobs said that it took nearly two years to sell that many iPods. Here’s the […]

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    Google Phone Confirmed By HTC Insider

    Google Phone

    An HTC insider has officially confirmed that Google is developing its own ‘Google Phone’, which potentially codenamed ‘Nexus’. JB over at Crunchgear has the exclusive on the “upcoming” ‘Nexus’ Google Phone, supposedly set to launch in Q1 2008. His source is someone inside HTC, the company that Google’s working with […]

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    iPhone hack opens phone to all

    iphone hack

    The latest iPhone hack allows many more options and settings for users to customise their smartphone with. Need an iPhone hack? For those who might have missed it: Engadget has the scoop on a new software solution that unlocks Apple‘s iPhone, allowing it to be used on any mobile carrier […]

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    Apple iPhone sales soar

    Apple’s iPhone is now a commercial success, succeeding a sales estimate of 400-500,000 units within the first week of sale. Over the weekend Apple made a killing with half a million iPhone models flying off the shelves! Apple is said to have sold out of the smartphone in 95 of 164 […]

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    Ferrari Acer Notebook

    The Ferrari 1000 from Acer combines breakthrough technologies from the fast-moving world of Formula 1 with revolutionary dual-core processing power in an ultra-lightweight notebook that delivers a mobile experience second to none.

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    Apple iPhone Dispute

    There’s a heavily contentious debate surrounding Apple’s new iPhone, which has been surrounded by multiple patent disputes. Cisco and Apple today announced that they have resolved their dispute involving the “iPhone” trademark. Hostilities broke out between the two companies last month, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the music phone […]

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    Zune Phone to come – iZune?

    CrunchGear’s Matt Hickey has been tracking rumors about a Zune phone for the last week. What began as a reliable tip is now a solid story: Last Monday Microsoft filed an application with the FCC for an enigmatic wireless device that could be used to talk over the Internet. The […]

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