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    Blackberry announces new touchscreen Bold 9900 and 9930 Handsets

    might just be the perfect Blackberry. Since 2008 RIM has been trying to build the “iPhone killer”, first with the Blackberry Storm and Storm 2, and recently the Torch. While the Storm was not universally liked, the Torch did a lot better because it held on to the one thing that makes a Blackberry a Blackberry – the keyboard. The new 9900 models bring together the great form factor of the Bold series with a new touch enabled Blackberry OS 7 operating system.

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    iPad 2 arrives in South Africa this week! Update: Pricing and Stores Announced

    This Just In: SA to get iPad 2 on 29 April!

    Well this is great news – last year South Africa only got the iPad in November, some six months after the rest of the world. Well it seems Core or Apple have been listening to our complaints of getting the iPad late. It looks like SA does not have to be treated like a second class tech ogy citizens, and we will be getting the Apple iPad 2 very soon!

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    Hands On Review: We test Motorola’s Rough and Tough “Defy” MB525 Android Phone

    In November of last year, Motorola launched the MB525 (also known as the DEFY) in South Africa. We lived with the MB525 for a week or two, and put it through its paces.

    The Motorola MB525 is touted as being “life-proof”, which is an all-in-one term coined to encompass the dust-, shock-, and water-proof”ness” of the device.

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    We were there, stood in the Q, and got the iPad 2 – Pics and Hands On Review

    Minutes before the opening an army of blue T-shirt wearing Apple employees announced themselves on the street putting up blockades and handing out little tickets to each person entitling them to a maximum of 2 iPads. Moments before opening the doors they began cheering, taking pictures and building the crowd up as if one were at a rock concert…

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