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    December 28, 2012

    Ouya starts shipping developer consoles

    Open-source games console Ouya is getting closer to launch date, with the first batch of developer hardware being shipped to early backers before January 10. According to official Ouya forums, the notifications have been emailed to early adopters that paid $699 for the kit. The sample dev kits consist of the console itself and two controllers.

    The Kickstarter backed, Android-powered games console has been designed to completely change the gaming landscape. The aim is to change the industry by allowing more independent programmers to have their creations seen by millions. Ouya was one of the high-profile Kickstarter successes of 2012. It raised more than $8.5m in backing in a matter of weeks.

    It still needs to be seen whether the console is successful when it launches to the public, though. Adoption among larger gaming companies has been slow, but the announcement has been made that a further 10 games will be available at launch.

    What are your thoughts on the open-source gaming console? Can it compete with today‘s heavyweights?

    Source: Slashgear

    Listen in to our latest podcast!