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    July 17, 2015

    Next-gen Moov Now fitness tracker on its way

    Yesterday saw the ex-Apple staffed Moov company launch their second fitness tracker, the Moov Now. The wearable is capable of providing users with real-time feedback and insight into every workout. If you’re not interested in fitness beyond doing 10,000 steps per day, this device is probably not for you.

    The Moov Now is stuffed full of tech and features. It not only tracks activity and form – that is an actual game-changer – while exercising, but also provides real-time audio and visual guidance from a smartphone app. In other words, this is an actual, wearable personal trainer. For example, the Moov now will pick up whether you should land softer, shorten your stride or pick up the pace when going for a run.


    The wearable can be worn on wrist or ankle and provides similar feedback for activities including swimming, cycling, cardio boxing and, our favourite, the 7-minute workout regime. Moov launched their first generation device in 2015 on a crowdfunding platform, reaching $1 million in two weeks.

    The latest generation is smaller, sleeker and more comfortable. It features a six-month battery life and a customisable design. As well as work out training the wearable is also capable of stand-alone daily activity and sleep tracking, and the new app will support 3rd party heart-rate monitors.

    The Moov Now will retail for $99 (around R1250 in SA) and be available in the US by September. Check out the video below.

    Source: TechRadar

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!