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    October 27, 2016

    Microsoft’s Windows Creators Update will put awesome new tools at your fingertips

    windows 10 creators update

    Microsoft has announced the second major update to Windows 10 in the form of the Creators Update, which will bring new content creation tools to Windows.

    While Microsoft may have earned an enduring amount of flak for its dubious Windows 10 update tactics, one of the firm’s biggest achievements – and platforms for success – has been its ability to coerce a growing number of consumers to upgrade to its new operating system. The biggest perk to emerge from that is undoubtedly the company’s ability to ship new and exciting updates quickly – and that’s what is set to occur with the new Creators Update to Windows 10.

    The Creators Update prioritizes two major new components of the Windows ecosystem following Microsoft’s Surface Studio revelation – firstly, the ability to create new 3D materials, and secondly the capability to share such creations easily.

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    windows 10 creators update

    Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Creators Update at its October 26th event.

    While the Creators Update will only ship in Spring of 2017 – that is, we’ve got nearly six months to wait before our Windows 10 PCs or tablets can benefit from new features – that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from teasing a variety of new capabilities that’ll be built directly into Windows 10.

    Paint all you want

    The major advent is the arrival of the company’s remixed Paint 3D app, which creatives will be able to use to craft 3D materials designed for virtual or mixed reality setups. That in itself will tie into support for native 3D printing and the presence of 3D materials in Office apps – something that’ll tie in quite nicely with Microsoft’s VR/AR operating system, Windows Holographic.

    One for the gamers

    Of course, the update doesn’t leave broadcasters out of the equation – in the Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows devices – including the Xbox – will be able to stream games in Beam in resolutions up to 4K. That’ll further tie-in with the ability to create custom tournaments in a variety of gaming titles through Xbox Live.

    Audiophiles rejoice

    If you happen to be a well-equipped gamer or audio nut, you’ll further be rewarded with the presence of dedicated support for Dolby Atmos; something that gamers, cinephiles and audiophiles alike will very much appreciate.

    Sharing is caring

    Lastly, the update will overhaul Windows 10’s sharing mechanic to introduce a context menu within the taskbar that will directly link users to their favourite contacts – for instance, should you want to share a creation or media file with a friend, you’ll be able to share it directly via Skype or email to a friend or colleague.

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    Together, Microsoft hopes to open up Windows to a new core market – that which is occupied by content creators and broadcasters. In addition to its new hardware – such as the headlining Surface Studio – the company hopes to integrate touch, stylus technologies, and 3D support for augmented and virtual reality experiences onto one platform.

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