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    November 1, 2017

    Microsoft’s foldable device may be back on the cards, with focus on note-taking

    Microsoft foldable device codename Andromeda

    A new report has revealed that Microsoft may have committed new energy to producing a foldable Surface device similar to ZTE’s recent Axon M.

    Earlier this month we heard that Microsoft has divested itself from the mobile arena and has instead focussed on delivering its key services on popular mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. Now, a new report has illustrated that the Redmon company may be preparing to reposition its long-expected foldable Surface device.

    To recap, for several years now Microsoft has been alleged to be developing a foldable Surface Mobile device that would transition from being a conventional smartphone into a fold-out tablet thanks to a central locking hinge. While the company has never brought such a product to market, we got a taste of a similar idea with this year’s ZTE Axon M.

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    Windows Central reports that Microsoft has once again taken up the cudgels of its foldable device project, and that the initiative – internally codenamed Andromeda – would resemble a fold-out notebook with focus on digital inking.

    If true, the move would be strongly corroborated with the recent introduction of Windows 10 Ink, and would further be supported by Microsoft’s continual development of the Surface Pen.

    It is at present believed that Andromeda would feature a smartphone-grade ARM processor and (instead of running the now-dead Windows 10 Mobile) would run a version of Windows 10.

    Given the fact that the company has cemented itself as a leading brand with its Surface line of hybrid laptops and other products, it may be possible that the company is leaving the dream of a foldable phone behind for a vision of a go-anywhere, do-anything notebook.

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Ndanduleni Alex H

      I think Microsoft must forget about mobile technologies. They must focus in PC softwares and hardwares. After is who they are.