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    March 8, 2017

    Apple’s next iPhone could be the very premium iPhone Edition

    iPhone Edition

    New reports speculate that Apple could be preparing a new iPhone dubbed the iPhone Edition, and launch well after the iPhone 7s or 8.

    Remember the Apple Watch Edition – the ridiculously expensive gold wearable that Apple debuted, nobody bought, and then later died a quiet death? Prepare yourself – new reports have revealed that the near bezel-less iPhone which has dominated rumours could bear the same name in the form of the iPhone Edition.

    What does that mean? The revelation breathes new life into rumours that Apple has been preparing a special ‘anniversary’ iPhone to commemorate the tenth year of its darling handset.

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    The news, if accurate, would mean that we could well expect to see a traditional iPhone 7s or 8 duo launch later this year at Apple’s annual September event, while a premium iPhone Edition might surface at a later stage during the year.

    iphone edition concept

    A concept render of what the iPhone Edition could look like. Source: MacRumors

    According to both tipster Ming-Chi Kuo and Mac Otakara, Apple is seeking to secure materials and technologies to begin mass production of the iPhone Edition; the handset would feature the near bezel-less display and function area that has dominated early reports, while the iPhone 7s or 8 duo might be more conservative devices in line with what we’ve seen previously from Apple.

    The news is interesting given that Apple doubled down on marketing the Apple Watch as a premium, ‘Edition’ device when its gold-plated wearable failed to garner traction in the market. While the company has replaced that model with a ceramic finish, nothing since has occupied the same tier in the market.

    Should Apple choose to pursue production of an iPhone Edition, it could signal that Apple has not given up on the concept of marketing ultra-premium devices, but that it has moved to an area of surefire interest amongst consumers to tote the most radical design an iPhone has yet borne since its inception in 2007.

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    The iPhone Edition is speculated to cost upwards of $1000 USD, signalling that the product will indeed be geared exclusively for the premium end of the market.

    Ready your wallets!

    What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in purchasing an iPhone Edition, even at the sum of more than a thousand US dollars? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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