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    September 13, 2016

    iOS 10 lands today! Here are all your iPhone’s new features

    iOS 10 lands today! Here are all your iPhone's new features

    Apple is expected to launch iOS 10 today on Tuesday the 13th of September – here are all the new features you can look forward to on your iPad and iPhone!

    With iOS 10, Apple has brought a number of new improvements to its mobile operating system that users will enjoy across their iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

    iOS 10 is expected to begin rolling out later today on Tuesday the 13th of September, and will bring with it interface tweaks, new APIs for developers, and a horde of new improvements for Messages.

    Before we sort through the best new features heading to iOS 10, here’s which devices will be compatible with the update:

    Compatible iPhone models:

    • iPhone 6s
    • iPhone 6s Plus
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 6 Plus
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 5c
    • iPhone 5

    Compatible iPad models:

    • iPad Pro 12.9-inch
    • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
    • iPad Air 2
    • iPad Air
    • iPad 4th generation
    • iPad mini 4
    • iPad mini 3
    • iPad mini 2

    Compatible iPod Touch models:

    • iPod Touch 6th generation

    If you own one of the above devices, you can likely expect to receive the update around 17:00PM – 19:00PM South African time (UTC +2) today.

    So, what can we expect to see?

    A redesigned lock screen

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    If you suffer from the frustration of unlocking your iPhone through Touch ID and blow past your notifications, this one is for you. Apple’s new redesigned lock screen employs press-to-unlock, in which users will now have to press their iPhone, iPad or iPod’s home button in to unlock their device rather than just slide their finger over a Touch ID sensor,

    iOS 10’s new lock screen employs an overhauled notification design which houses notifications in card-style popups reminiscent of Google Now. Further, 3D touch  will allow users to preview notifications in context; for example, using 3D touch to preview a single Messages notification will preview the entire conversation.

    Raise to wake

    A small feature, but nonetheless a major one as it ties together with iOS 10’s new lock screen. Devices running iOS 10 will automatically turn on when the motion of being raised is detected, further giving users time to glace at their notifications before unlocking their device.

    New widgets for all

    iOS, up until now, has had an odd widget strategy which limits apps to serve in the Notification Center. Now, in iOS 10, widgets can be found in a dedicated widget screen and can be activated by force pressing an app icon in through 3D touch. This effectively does away with the confusing context menus found in iOS 9, which lead to most users discovering timesavers by trial and error.

    ios 10 beta 4

    A new Control Center

    iOS 10’s new Control Center employs three panes; the first is Apple‘s traditional settings menu through which users will be able to control screen brightness as well as toggle utilities such as Bluetooth and the onboard flashlight.

    The second pane will be devoted entirely to a “˜Now Playing‘ card, through which users will be able to toggle songs in their music libraries, while the third and last pane will be assigned to control peripheral devices connected to Apple‘s HomeKit. Through this screen, users can set pre-defined modes such as “˜Night‘ or “˜Day‘ through which lighting and other services can be configured.

    Messages get overhauled

    Messages received a substantial overhaul in iOS 10: New features, such as background animations, bubble effects, and rich links have been added.

    Further, users will be able to enjoy Digital Touch – a new sketching feature which allows users to create drawings or annotate photos or videos in handwriting.

    Further, “invisible ink” messages display their content only with pressed with force, while Messages further receives ‘Tapback’ replies, bigger and predictive emoji, and its own dedicated App Store where developers can host their own third party extensions.

    App Store, Maps, News, and Apple Music

    Both the iOS App Store, Apple Maps, and Apple Music have been redesigned with cleaner interfaces. The App Store and Apple Music respectively have been provided with a cleaner ‘storefront’ which will promote app discovery.  Apple News receives subscription support and breaking news notifications.

    Smarter keyboards, and web-based Apple Pay

    iOS 10’s QuickType keyboard levels up with contextual predictions, while Apple Pay is set to become available on the web, despite no news around whether the service will ever head to South Africa. Speaking of which…


    Siri is heading to South Africa

    Read: Siri is officially headed to South Africa

    Apple concluded WWDC this year with a smattering of headlines it didn’t annouce on stage, one of which is the announcement that Siri will be officially supported in South Africa.

    While South African iOS, watchOS, tvOS (and soon, macOS) users can use Siri without an issue, the announcement indicates many of the digital assistant‘s peripheral features ““ such as booking a restaurant or searching what films have reached the big screen ““ will soon become available.

    This is a feature which could be bundled in the general release of iOS 10, or could well be added later in a supplementary update. We’ll provide coverage on this once the update drops later today.

    Have your say!

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