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    October 24, 2017

    Google is reportedly readying a screen-laden version of Google Home

    google home screen

    A new report has revealed that Google is reportedly developing a screen-equipped Google Home unit under the codename ‘Quartz’.

    Amazon may have been first in debuting a smart speaker with a display earlier this year in the form of the Echo Show, and now Google is reportedly seeking to develop its own such offering in the form of a new Google Home model dubbed ‘Quartz’.

    Android Police reports that a recent teardown of Google’s core Android app has revealed that the apparent product will ship with a few video-centric capabilities on board, and will reportedly be geared for both playback through YouTube and will offer a conventional web browser.

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    Just recently, Google revoked the Echo Show’s access to its video sharing platform after Amazon refused to enable its users to select autoplay as an option while watching media. Previously, Echo owners were unable to subscribe to YouTube channels on their devices.

    Google’s Home lineup saw a significant expansion at its recent I/O, where the company revealed both the budget Google Home Mini and the premium Google Home Max – leaving both models to sit either beneath or above the core Home offering that the company continues to sell.

    Up until now, Google Home’s core strengths have been digital assistance, smart home integration, and music playback – though the addition of a display aboard a new model will likely be key in the Mountain View company’s ongoing strategy to integrate all of its digital services under one roof.

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