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    February 21, 2014

    Galaxy Gear 2 may not run Android

    Next week will most likely see Samsung announce the next version of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch at MWC 2014, but we don‘t really know what else to expect. We do hope that the new device is a massive step up from the current one, as it was a huge let down. Its battery life was bad and functionality not quite where it should be (see the review here).

    Interestingly, we are getting reports that the Galaxy Gear 2 will not be running a version of Android like its predecessor. It will reportedly run the upcoming OS from NTT Docomo Inc., called Tizen, with Samsung and Intel big drivers behind it.

    The reported reason for making the change is that Samsung want to drive the platform that has a rocky start (with a Japanese manufacturer cancelling a phone which was supposed to run it) and they also want greater control of the OS loaded on their devices, perhaps distancing themselves from Google.

    We are hoping the new Gear is a giant leap forward for wearables, and that Samsung make it compatible with plenty of devices and not just a couple like the current version.

    Source: USA Today

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • James Beck

      I guess that means its time to return the gear I bought a week ago. I guess I’m the dumb ass.