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    March 25, 2013

    BWB TV: Sony Xperia T Review (video)

    The Sony Xperia T was released towards the end of 2012, but only came to South Africa a couple of months later. Nonetheless, we still think it is an impressive phone. Even though the Xperia Z has been launched, and is coming to South Africa soon, the Xperia T still has a place within the market, especially as its price will now drop dramatically.

    You can watch the video review after the break.

    For our full written review of the Xperia T, click here. Also, we were at the launch of the Sony Xperia Z in Cape Town a short while ago. You can check out our first hands-on impressions below:

    What do you think of Sony‘s latest smartphones?

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • GadgetBoy

      I used to be a big fan of the P900i , P990 and P1. Then I got the X1 and after that the X8 BOTH Phones was the biggest load of crap i ever laid my hands on!!

      When My upgrade was due I bought the Samsung Sii a few months before they launched the Xperi S and for a few months after that, I wished I waited.

      My Sii got damaged and I was asked by my insurance to select a phone, I opted to go for the Samsung Siii and pay some money towards the phone. (I was told the Siii is the best phone and Vodacom did not have the Xperia T in stock)

      In my honest opinion and trough a few websites (GSMarena and XDA Developers) i again made a stupid desicion.

      Sony is starting to pick up the pieces of the puzzel they dropped!

      After watching these clips and reading the blog on the HANDSON Xperia Z review, I WILL WAIT !! XPeria X seems miles ahead of the Siii and also even the Siv that was announced on monday (according to the guys in the Vodacom store in VodaWorld S.A will not be getting the 8core).

      Hope Vodacom will have these very soon!!
      I also hope they have some accessories as there are very few Sony accessories in the market.

      Xperia Z (definatly not Z for sleeping)

    • Taku Fundira

      this is just a useless phone that fails to do its primary job of receiving calls. The phone requires a reboot daily. It switches off frequently without warning and refuses to switch on.
      I got a brand new Xperia T in March which i had to send back to MTN after 10 days because it failed to read the SIM card.
      I got a new replacement 10 days later, which also gave me problems less than 7 days later. Now I have sent this second replacement for a warranty assessment which takes forever to be finalised. this time the phone refuses to switch on despite being fully charged.
      As a phone, the Xperia T is useless, probably better at just being a CAMERA.

      • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

        In the three weeks I used the device I had absolutely no issues, especially not the ones you are referring to. Must have gotten phones from a bad batch. That’s too bad, as it is a great phone.