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    December 28, 2012

    Apple working on “iWatch”?

    Once again the rumour mill is in full swing after a post on TGBUS. Their insider info now has Intel linked to the project, and it will feature a 1.5 inch display and Bluetooth 4.0, which is ideal for for low power transmitting. Intel will be supplying the low power processing in the device, which will be a big shift away from Apple’s current in house processing design used in the iPhone and iPad. The iWatch will apparently pair to the iPhone or iPad, and will in doing so probably also use their data connections.

    Ever since the release of the sixth generation iPod Nano in 2010, people have wanted some type of Apple watch. Many buyers of the Nano at that stage mounted the player to their wrists, which made it a somewhat bulky but very cool watch. Apple caught on the fad, and released more watch faces for the software later. Problem was, the watch was an iPod, and nothing more. So no smart features or notification ability.

    The “iWatch” is still only a rumour, so it would be interesting to see what features can be added to it – expect simple things like mail and message notifications being passed on the watch, incoming call reminders etc. But there is also a very natural fit for Siri, which so far has required a very simple user interface design which should be an ideal fit for the smaller screen of a watch.

    So far the smartwatch industry has not been particularly successful, even with great Kickstarter projects like the Pebble or Sony’s Smartwatch efforts. But Apple has a way of making “niche” products mainstream.

    What features would you want from an “iWatch”?

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Would be nice to include a GPS module. If you could use it as a jogging or cycling aid it would be great. Guess it would be too power hungry though. GPS and MP3 player and blue tooth comms will take a bit of power to drive.