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    Gadget Reviews

    Bandwidth Blog’s Gadget Reviews get to grips with the latest smartphones, tablets, PCs, accessories, and connected devices on the market!

    Building your own Home Server: Part 1, the Hardware

    With consumer’s ever increasing storage needs and the switchover to laptops, the need for a centralised storage area on your home network is becoming more relevant than ever. Sure, we can shift some of that storage to the cloud, but SA’s tragic state of broadband has made this more difficult than it should be.

    Certain media just works better when stored locally. Here is what to get…

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    Review: Samsung’s Super Fast Galaxy S2 Android Smartphone

    With the current spread of Android devices it has become increasingly difficult to choose the best one out there – each manufacturer has a seemingly better phone than the next. And if you are in the market now for a new smartphone, the Galaxy S2 makes a very compelling case. But is it the best smartphone out there right now?

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    Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (P7100)

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (also known as the P7100) is a piece of hardware with an unfortunate story behind it. That little extra “v” means that this Vodafone exclusive differs from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that will start appearing on South African shelves in the next month or two. Will you be worse off with the 10.1v than the retooled, sleeker 10.1?

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    Review of the Samsung Omnia 7: We finally spend some quality time with Windows Phone 7

    At the end of 2010 Microsoft launched its fresh new Windows Phone 7 smartphone operating system, and the initial reviews were quite positive. These devices were all vetted by Microsoft to ensure that they comply with their rules on things like hardware design, buttons, shape, etc. Problem was, with all this control, the resulting devices were pretty similiar to each other. Sure, you could find some specification differences between them, but there was not any that stood out from the rest. But Samsung waited a while and released a Windows Phone device which not only looks better, but performs better than the other WP7 devices.

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