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    April 9, 2012

    Quick Review: Dodocase for iPad 2 (and iPad 3)

    When I managed to get hold of the 3rd generation iPad, I was a little disappointed to find that it would not fit perfectly into tighter, better designed cases that was made for iPad 2’s. Sure, your average sleeve fit quite well, but cases with any plastic reinforcement would not fit well. So I had to give up on my previous favorite case, the Speck FitFolio, and go looking for a different one. Walking into my local Incredible Connection did not help, as none of the older iPad 2 cases fit the new iPad. (See my review of the 3rd generation iPad here)

    But a colleague of mine who also got the new iPad was lucky enough to find that the new iPad fits his “old” (made for iPad 2)Dodocase perfectly. I have long admired the Dodocase, so with a new lower price in SA, I jumped at getting one. When holding the iPad, it looks like it is held inside a Moleskine-type book (with an elastic), and the iPad is safe and sound inside a hardbound book. But the Dodocase’s claim to fame is in the way it is made – it is handmade inside an old San Francisco book printing press, and the result is a book made with an old-world charm, and the overall quality is superb. It is made by actual book making artisans, and you can really feel that when holding the Dodocase. It is like holding an old book you might have found in your grandfather’s bookshelf.

    The book covers are actual wood covered in black faux-leather, and the inside can be one of a variety of colors. I went with the charcoal color, but the sky blue and red cloth interiors look particularly good. On the inside is a hand-carved bamboo frame that grips the iPad in using rubber pads on the corner. It does not sound particularly secure, but believe me, the iPad is gripped quite solidly. The book can fold over backward for easy typing on the iPad – the angle is rather flat, but you can also prop the case up on its edges for movie watching.


    At first glance, the case looks like it might not have the same resilient feel as some iPad cases, because well, it is a book. But it feels and looks so good, you actually want to treat it a little better. But looking around at other people who use Dodocases, they seem remarkably well built – almost like an old leather chair, they start to look better with age. I have been using mine for a little more than a week now, and I could not be more happy with my purchase. As someone who uses a lot of cases on my iPads, the Dodocase is by far the best one I have used.

    Highly recommended.


    You can buy a Dodocase for your iPad directly from their site, but the shipping fees to SA get you. I recommend Wildtwig, which currently has a special on the Dodocase for $49, not $79.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!