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    See our Editor’s Picks of the top stories of Bandwidth Blog, covering the gamut of popular technology news – including gadgets, games, science, and more!

    We were there, stood in the Q, and got the iPad 2 – Pics and Hands On Review

    Minutes before the opening an army of blue T-shirt wearing Apple employees announced themselves on the street putting up blockades and handing out little tickets to each person entitling them to a maximum of 2 iPads. Moments before opening the doors they began cheering, taking pictures and building the crowd up as if one were at a rock concert…

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    Zite vs Flipboard: A fight for the Best Personalized Magazine. Which is best?

    Just a few months after iPad was launched we were wowed by a wonderful app called Flipboard. Flipboard was essentially a news reader, but it was the perfect combination of social network integration with a new touch based control interface. Now it has competition in the form of Zite – a news reader that actually learns from your reading habits.

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    So how does iPad Specs compare with the Xoom and HP Touchpad? But is it even relevant?

    Now that Steve’s reality distortion field has died down, we can start objectively looking at the iPad, and see how it stacks up against the flood of other competitors recently released. There are a few notable ones – the Motorola Xoom, which is built on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and HP’s recently announced Touchpad based on the brilliant looking WebOS interface.

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