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    RICA Deadline Looming

    We have spoken in the past about RICA, and well, the time has come. You really should have RICA’d by now. The process is pretty easy – just take your SIM Card, proof of address and ID with you to your preferred cellular provider. You dont have to go your own network, in fact many retailers are also taking part in the initiative. The whole process takes about 5 minutes at most, and it will prevent you from getting your number cut off on the 1st of July. Just a friendly reminder from us…

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    Nokia launches a beautiful, but flawed Flagship … Nokia N9 emerges

    When Nokia announces a new handset, the world still sits up and takes notice. Yesterday Nokia showed off their new N9 handset, which is a stunning slab of hardware design. Perhaps more significant is the use of Meego, Nokia’s own smartphone OS which it has been very slow to roll out until now (a previous version called Maemo showed up in the horrible Nokia N900). At first glance the phone’s simple design is what grabs your attention…

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