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    See our Editor’s Picks of the top stories of Bandwidth Blog, covering the gamut of popular technology news – including gadgets, games, science, and more!

    Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (P7100)

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (also known as the P7100) is a piece of hardware with an unfortunate story behind it. That little extra “v” means that this Vodafone exclusive differs from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that will start appearing on South African shelves in the next month or two. Will you be worse off with the 10.1v than the retooled, sleeker 10.1?

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    Review of the Samsung Omnia 7: We finally spend some quality time with Windows Phone 7

    At the end of 2010 Microsoft launched its fresh new Windows Phone 7 smartphone operating system, and the initial reviews were quite positive. These devices were all vetted by Microsoft to ensure that they comply with their rules on things like hardware design, buttons, shape, etc. Problem was, with all this control, the resulting devices were pretty similiar to each other. Sure, you could find some specification differences between them, but there was not any that stood out from the rest. But Samsung waited a while and released a Windows Phone device which not only looks better, but performs better than the other WP7 devices.

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    Livestreaming The Bang Bang Club press junket with TwitCasting for iPhone

    TwitCasting website

    Working as a Creative at Etiket provides some opportunities to deploy technology in innovative ways. As part of a campaign that we are running for The Bang Bang Club film, we were given an interview slot with some of the cast and crew from the film and I came up with the idea to livestream our interview questions from my iPhone. Indigenous Film Distribution approved the concept and we conducted a few proof of concept tests.

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    Exclusive: We interview Russell E Perry – ex CEO of 123People

    Russell Perry was the CEO of the internet’s biggest real time people search engine, 123People. Bandwidth Blog takes you inside his tenure as CEO from when he joined as employee number three – taking the company into 13 countries, available in 11 languages, reaching 50 million unique visitors per month and fighting off competition from big US based rivals like Spock.

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